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Neelys broccoli salad recipe: with feta cheese

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neelys broccoli salad recipe with tomatoes feta cheese

One of the best combinations that you can make a salad from is broccoli and feta cheese. Not just that these two ingredients look beautiful together because of the contrast in the colors, but they also match perfectly as flavors. Actually any kind of cheese would be suitable for broccoli (you know how well blue cheese tastes with it!). Butter, cheese, cream and broccoli? Yes! 100% approved!

Enough with the classic salad combinations. Here is something not so popular as an idea: you could add arugula and cherry tomatoes to your broccoli feta cheese salad. If you think this is kind of weird, hold on. There is more. Bake the cherry tomatoes with the broccoli. That is a brave idea, right? I got it from the Neelys and from their very unique broccoli salad recipe. They bake the broccoli and the cherry tomatoes on very high degrees and for very short time and after that they toss with the fresh arugula and feta cheese. A salad that you could fall in love with!

One thing that came in my mind, when I first saw this salad recipe, was: Wouldn’t it be great, if I add some meat to it? Maybe some grilled chicken or little ham pieces…The answer is no. It wouldn’t be great. Feta cheese is a very filling food, if you combine it with meat, which is even more filling, that would be just too much for a salad. The idea of a salad after all is to eat something light and fresh before the main dish. Of course, if you want to replace the main dish with a salad, you could make the salad a little bit richer in calories. It is up to you.

My personal opinion about Neelys broccoli salad recipe is, that it is easy to prepare and very special at the same time. I will definitely put it on my list with salads, which are suitable for presenting to guests. 🙂

What I would maybe add to this pretty broccoli feta combination, is a handful of sunflower seeds, baked, not raw. They will just taste so good with the feta cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Don’t forget to visit the original page of Neelys broccoli salad recipe. My summary of the salad is just an orientation for you, but they don’t just show the detailed recipe with exact instructions, they also give you a video with the whole cooking process. That is why I adore the Neelys and their recipes!

Have fun in the kitchen and improvise. If you like the Neelys broccoli salad recipe, try it at home and write a comment below. Thanks!