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Mr Food Broccoli Tomato Salad with Mayonnaise Dressing

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mr food salad with broccoli

Mr Food broccoli tomato salad is the last salad from my broccoli salad collection. I have showed you already several pretty good variations of this well established and absolutely amazing combination of ingredients. One of my favorites are the broccoli raisin salad again from Mr Food and the Pioneer Woman broccoli salad with bacon and carrots. Why? Because first of all I love dried fruit in salads (also the classic broccoli salad from Chef Julie Yoon is pretty good – with dried cranberries) and secondly I love broccoli, mixed with carrots. But of course it all depends on your personal taste, so you can just go the broccoli salads category and choose the best salad for your taste: there are some with roasted nuts, some with different types of cheese, etc.

Mr Food broccoli tomato salad is the very basic option of the Broccoli Bacon Cheese Salad

Although there are many variations of this salad, the very main ingredients are no more than five: broccoli, red onion, bacon, cheese, mayonnaise. Because tomatoes are very often included to this combination, we could say this particular broccoli salad shows the very basics. You could replace the sugar with honey to make the dressing a little bit healthier. But have in mind, that it has to be real honey…

One more thing: don’t try to replace the bacon with chicken pieces. Not that chicken doesn’t match broccoli and mayonnaise, but bacon and broccoli are proven to taste best of all other meat-broccoli combinations. If the bacon is grilled, smoked or baked to crispiness, then you got it!

Mr Food broccoli tomato salad is suitable for big celebrations, because it doesn’t appear to be a well known and “boring” salad. You could definitely surprise your guest with this explosion of tastes. Of course you could prepare it also on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when you want to spent some time with yourself or with your family – just to have something delicious on the table.

Do you need to see the original recipe of Mr Food broccoli tomato salad? Visit this page and get more information and cool tips from Mr Food. Here is the summary I made:

Note: The photo on this page is property of Mr Food.


Classic broccoli salad recipe from Chef Julie Yoon

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recipe for classic broccoli salad
Hello, dear broccoli salad lovers!Thanks for stopping by to check what kind of salad I am showing you today. You guessed it: classic broccoli salad. What means actually a classic broccoli salad? Which are the ingredients and how do you prepare it?
I chose to show the version of classic broccoli salad from Julie and her husband’s website Chef Julie Yoon, because I find it very inspirational. Not just the salad, but also the whole process of doing it, the photos (and also the behind the scenes material), it is all very professional and inspiring as well.
Maybe you have noticed, if you are reading my other posts for salads, that I am making a collection of all variations of the very famous broccoli bacon cheese mayonnaise salad. It’s quite amazing to see how similar and at the same time how different those salad recipes are. There are variations in the dressing: some make it from mayonnaise and Greek yogurt, others mix mayonnaise with sour cream, some authors don’t even make a dressing, they just pour the mayonnaise on top of the broccoli and toss well. Some use honey, others – sugar, some prepare the dressing with apple vinegar, but I’ve seen it also with wine vinegar (like here in this classic broccoli salad).
The nuts, that they add to the salad, can variate too. You could actually mix any kind of nuts, it is better that you roast them and take off the skin.
What else comes to the broccoli bacon salad? Many times there are dried fruit: fried cranberries or raisins.
Red onion is always there, mixed with the broccoli and bacon. It isn’t necessary to add Cheddar cheese to the salad. You could add also feta or just skip the cheese, if you want to make a lighter version, not so rich in calories.
What you could add is more veggies: spinach, cherry tomatoes would do well. But that is not the case with this salad. So let’s get directly to the main question:

Which are the main ingredients of the classic broccoli salad from Chef Julie Yoon?

Julie keeps it simple, she keeps it classic. 🙂 The only vegetables she uses are the basic one: broccoli and red onion. And that is actually the real broccoli bacon salad.

What comes next? Crispy bacon pieces and dried cranberries. Until now we have veggies, meat, fruit and now come the nuts: she chooses cashews for her salad, but as I said you could experiment with your broccoli salad recipe and add any other type of nuts you want. Be creative!

Finally, the dressing for the classic broccoli salad: it is also the basics: mayonnaise, sugar (honey optional), wine vinegar, garlic powder and kosher salt. I forgot to tell you, that garlic powder is also a proven partner-ingredient to the broccoli bacon salad.

If you are interested to see the full version of the recipe: shown with amazing pictures and video, follow this link. Take a look at my quick summary of the classic broccoli salad when you just need the basic information.

Have fun in the kitchen and don’t forget to share your experience in the comment below!

Note: The pictures on this page are made and owned by Chef Julie Yoon.


Avoca broccoli salad recipe from Bibliocook

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avoca broccoli salad recipe

It is time for some beautiful and delicious layers, what do you say? 🙂 Maybe the most good looking salads in the world are those with layers, because they achieve the effect of the rainbow. Each ingredient adds a color stripe to the plate and together all the ingredients form an explosion of “organised” colors. That is why they appear to look so stunning. One more cool thing about salads with layers is that you can see very easily the ingredients. When they are all mixed up, you get kind of confused about what is it there in the salad. So, layer salads really rock!

I am going to give you a very good example for such a salad. The recipe comes from a website, called Bibliocook, the author is Caroline. She shows something delicious, easy to make and simply amazing to us, the readers: avoca broccoli salad recipe. Did you get hungry?

The salad goes with an interesting dressing, but I would say, that even if you skip the dressing and simplify the salad recipe even more, still you will get an the end a pretty good broccoli salad. Why? Because the combination of these ingredients alone is proven to taste delicious. I am talking about spinach, avocado, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese… and roasted hazelnuts. Imagine those things in a big bowl. Isn’t it perfect?

The avoca broccoli salad recipe surprises me with:

  1. The way Caroline made the dressing. Usually when we make a dressing, we take a bowl, add the dressing ingredients there and stir. But here there is this really cool idea: just take a jar, fill it up with the ingredients and shake. I think you mix the flavors much better and it is very comfortable. Also if you don’t want to use the whole dressing, you just close the jar, put it in the fridge and use it later. Very clever.
  2. There is feta cheese and no Cheddar cheese in the salad. Everywhere I search for broccoli salads, I see the combination of broccoli and Cheddar cheese. Not that this a bad thing, but I really needed to get inspired with some other type of cheese. Feta matches more than perfectly the avocado, there just like a love couple. 🙂 And adding those roasted hazelnuts…I am out of words now…

Here is the original page of the avoca broccoli salad recipe, if you are interested to see the details. Take a look at the summary I just made, if you don’t want to go in details and just need the basic info.

Thanks again for letting me inspire you with my salad inspirations! See you soon. 🙂


Souplantation broccoli salad recipe from Hunterette

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souplantation broccoli salad recipe

The best of the best combinations: if you don’t know it yet, take a look:


I have showed already lots of variations of this salad. Broccoli salad from Mr Food, Neelys broccoli salad, Souplantation broccoli salad from Cinnamon Spice & Everything nice, Pioneer Woman broccoli salad, Skinny broccoli salad from Womanista (or Skinny Mom) and many other. They all contain these or some of these ingredients. If you are a big fan of broccoli, like me, there is no way you haven’t tried at least two of the recipes. It would be just unrespectable to you as a broccoli lover. 🙂

While I was researching all kinds of broccoli salad, I came to a lady with a nickname Yumi (very promising!) and her recipe blog on Hunterette. I really liked her version of the famous broccoli bacon mayonnaise salad.

Which is the main cool thing about the Souplantation broccoli salad recipe from Yumi?

The very, very best part of her salad is the fact it is super simple and easy to make. Raw broccoli, cup of raisins, cup of cooked bacon, cup of cashews, cup of red onion and you are ready. No shredded cheese, no combinations of different types of cheese, no complicated dressing. You just add some sugar and vinegar to the mayonnaise and whisk everything together. You see, there is no need to read the recipe or watch a video. I have just explained you the whole process in two sentences. That is what I liked about the Souplantation broccoli salad recipe by Yumi.

You could of course upgrade the salad by adding more ingredients. It all depends on how much time you have, are you in the mood for cooking and preparing stuff, do you enjoy mixing foods and experimenting in the kitchen etc. I will just list the main ingredients you could add to this Souplantation broccoli salad recipe:

  1. You could add yogurt to the mayonnaise.
  2. You could whisk the mayonnaise with sour cream.
  3. You could add some Cheddar cheese to the broccoli salad.
  4. You could sprinkle baked or raw sunflower seeds on top.

Here is also the original page of the Souplantation broccoli salad.  Hope you liked the salad. I would love to read your comments. Bye bye for now, see you soon!


Broccoli raisin salad from Mr Food: а healthier version

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broccoli raisin salad Mr Food

Have you seen the last version of broccoli cheese salad that I showed you? It was Neelys broccoli salad with bacon and cheese. There I talked about how popular is the combination of broccoli, bacon, cheese, red onion and mayonnaise. And I explained that there are many variations of the salad.

Now I want to bring to your attention one more version. It comes from Mr Food and surprises again with creativity. What is it this time?

Sure there are again our favorite broccoli florets, our even more favorite bacon slices, the crispy red onion and the already well known mayonnaise. But this time the focus is not on the dressing, the focus is on the veggie salad. Instead of making a dressing from mayonnaise and Greek yogurt, like it was here, or from mayonnaise and sour cream, like we saw in the Neelys broccoli salad recipe, here we don’t make a dressing. We just mix the vegetables with the mayonnaise and we add some vinegar, which gives a fresher flavor to the whole thing. There are two other interesting differences between the broccoli raisin salad from Mr Food and the other versions.

Which are the different things in the broccoli raisin salad from Mr Food?

The first one are the sunflower kernels. Sunflower kernels are a really good option, if you want to give fullness to your salad, but still keep it as healthy as possible. Sunflower kernels contain fat, so that way you could balance between the mayonnaise and those kernels. Put less mayonnaise and more sunflower kernels in your broccoli salad.

The second really interesting thing about the broccoli raisin salad from Mr Food is the process of preparing the salad. It is quite original, I think. Most of the times we cook the broccoli first, for about 30 seconds, shock them in ice and then add the rest of the ingredients. This time we leave them raw. I think this gives an extra freshness to the salad. The broccoli remain really crunchy and green, they look beautiful in the plate and don’t loose any of their vitamins and nutrition. Maybe this is the healthier version of broccoli bacon salad: with lots of raisins, less mayonnaise and more sunflower kernels.

Speaking about healthy, I think a handful of quinoa would match perfectly the salad structure and taste. What I would also do is replacing the vinegar with orange juice. Orange juice tastes amazing with bacon, you definitely have to try it. But you have to be careful not to make the broccoli salad too sweet. Don’t forget there are raisins there as well. Everything is balance, just be careful with the ingredient’s amount.

Take a look at the summary I made. Go here, if you want to see the full, original version of Mr Food broccoli raisin salad. And don’t forget to have fun! 🙂


Neelys broccoli salad with bacon and cheese

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neelys broccoli salad with bacon

I think one of the most proved and established salad combinations is:

  • broccoli
  • bacon
  • red onion
  • mayonnaise

I have noticed it while I was searching for new broccoli salad ideas. Why is this combination so popular? Really…Why don’t they mix broccoli with chicken pieces for example? Why is the bacon? And why do they always add red and not for example green onion? And why the mayonnaise dressing? Why not soy sauce?

So many questions and one answer. Why? Because it tastes GREAT. 🙂 If you try this heavenly mix you will understand why it is red onion, why it is mayonnaise…I really advise you to stick with these ingredients in order to achieve exactly this explosion of flavors. The taste is so specific and unforgettable, it lasts in your mouth, not just the taste, but the whole experience. You want to eat an unforgettable salad? THIS is the salad.

I guess I already showed you some variations of broccoli bacon Cheddar cheese salad. Here is another similar recipe, but still not the same. Actually there are lots of differences in the variations. The point is to keep the basics (the main, very important ingredients, which I listed above) and then to play with the details. For example, here is Neelys broccoli salad with bacon and Cheddar cheese. Instead of yogurt they use sour cream in the dressing. They also add some celery seeds, which give the salad a delicate extra flavor.

You could add lots of things to Neelys broccoli salad. If you like it like that, take the recipe right away. See the summary I made or go directly to the original page, where you can see also a video. But if you want to challenge your creativity and make your very own and unique masterpiece, then you need to inspire yourself and add some ingredients that you consider as original and interesting. I am going to give you one idea, you could also think of creative salad ingredients:

Why don’t you add some shredded, baked sweet potato to the salad? After you whisk everything together, you just sprinkle some of the shredded red potato on top. It will look very pretty and will add a sweet flavor to the broccoli.

That was my idea. I have tried adding this to Neelys broccoli salad and the result was fantastic. So, have fun in the kitchen and write in the comment below, what happened, did you enjoy the process? 🙂


Yummy broccoli cheese salad from Mr Food

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broccoli cheese salad from mr food

Mr Food always surprises me with genial ideas for salads. He just has this gift to inspire you within seconds. Maybe because of the videos he shows. Just in several minutes you get to know the particular salad so well, that you don’t need to read, print or remember the recipe.

Like this broccoli cheese salad for example. Mr Food explains everything in the video below. Which are the ingredients? You just see them in the bowl: fresh broccoli, red onion, black olives, cherry tomatoes, two kinds of cheese and dressing. You could also some bacon, but this is optional.

The dressing for the broccoli cheese salad from Mr Food is really unique. Mayonnaise and yogurt, until here nothing extraordinary, right? But then come the honey and garlic powder. I have never tried honey with mayonnaise, I’ve just never come to such a crazy idea. Actually it is logical, that mayonnaise matches honey, because mayonnaise matches yogurt and yogurt matches honey. 🙂

The broccoli cheese salad from Mr Food is suitable for big tables and celebrations. Because of its original appearance and unique flavor combinations it is really good for those occasions, when you want to surprise your guests and make them feel really special for sitting around your table.

Go to the original page of this recipe, if you want to see all the details. I am showing you the summary of the broccoli cheese salad from Mr Food.

Here are couple of my ideas for this salad, I really hope you like them:

  • You could add some chopped baked potatoes to the salad.
  • You could add some mustard to the mayonnaise yogurt dressing.
  • You could whisk the salad with some baked sunflower seeds.

Have you tried this salad? Write down in the comments your experience, what to you think matches the salad and what not? Thank you! 🙂


Souplantation broccoli salad from Cinnamon-Spice & Everything Nice

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souplantation broccoli salad
 If you are willing to experiment with your favorite flavors and want to combine veggies with fruit, broccoli salad is the perfect thing to start with. Broccoli is that kind of vegetable that goes perfectly well will dried cranberries and with raisins. I have seen broccoli combined also with fresh grapes. That is also an interesting combination, but if you are new in this whole game, which I call “veggie-fruit salads”, then I recommend you begin with dried fruit and nuts.
Here are some other beautiful combinations that are proven to taste super yummy:
  • Shredded carrot and pomegranate
  • Shredded carrot and shredded apple
  • Shredded carrot and orange pieces
  • Green salad and pomegranate, apple, orange, pineapple, pear.

These are just a couple of examples for pretty good mixes of veggies and fruit. Definitely try some of those, you won’t regret, I promise! 🙂

But now let’s get back to this Souplantation broccoli salad, shown by Cinnamon-Spice & Everything Nice. The photograph is just so perfectly presented, that you can fall in love with the salad without even tasting it. I think the combination of bacon, baked nuts, fruit, crunchy broccoli and fatty mayonnaise dressing couldn’t be more amazing. Most of us prefer salads, which are something more than just veggies, tossed with oil. Am I right? Adding something special to the vegetables makes a big difference. Not just you don’t leave the table hungry, but you also enjoy a really beautiful table with all these colors in the salad. This Souplantation broccoli salad is another prove, that the richer the salad is, the better it looks and the more satisfying it is for the one who eats it.

Some quinoa wouldn’t hurt this salad, I think. In my opinion quinoa goes great with broccoli and red onion. The more interesting ingredients in the Souplantation broccoli salad, the better the end-result! So really, experiment in the kitchen! Cinnamon-Spice & Everything Nice did show an amazing salad recipe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improvise. Try to do something different from the recipe. For example: Why not adding some red pepper instead of red onion? Or why don’t you add some grilled chicken instead of the bacon? There are so many ways you can upgrade this Souplantation broccoli salad. Just do it your way and have fun!

I made a quick summary of the recipe, so that you can see the very basics. Don’t forget to visit the original page, which I linked somewhere above in order to find more detailed information.

Note: The photo is property of Cinnamon-Spice & Everything Nice.


Pioneer woman broccoli salad with bacon and carrots

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broccoli salad pioneer woman, carrots, bacon

Here is something very fresh: an easy and delicious salad that is healthy as well. I am talking about Pioneer woman broccoli salad. Maybe you think it is not as healthy as I say because it contains bacon…And not just that. There is this yummy dressing, made of mayonnaise and yogurt. So, this broccoli salad isn’t skinny for sure, but healthy? In a way, yes. Although there are bacon pieces and mayonnaise dressing in it, it contains lots of veggies like broccoli, carrots, red onion and also raisins. The dressing is not just made of mayonnaise, there are yogurt and orange as well, so I think the whole Pioneer woman broccoli salad is balanced and not too fatty.

After all, there are two tablespoons of mayonnaise in the dressing, which covers 6 servings of salad. One tablespoon for 3 servings, that is 1/3 of a tablespoon for a serving. When you think of the salad that way you understand that is is actually more a diet meal than a rich in calories and filling dish.

It takes about 20 minutes to prepare the broccoli salad. If you keep cooked broccoli in your fridge, I would say you need no more than 15 minutes. Quick and simple recipe, I am loving it. Thank you, Pioneer Woman!

If you want to see the video of the broccoli bacon salad recipe, visit the original page. There is also the full version with the exact ingredient amount and all little details, which are also important for the final result. And if you are interested in the author of this amazing broccoli salad, take a look here.

What I would maybe add to this salad is cauliflower. When it is grilled and combined with some grilled cheese, it makes the salad more crunchy and adds an interesting flavor. Corn would also fit very well to this veggie combination. These are my ideas for upgrading the salad. Tell me if you have tried it and have some other suggestion. Feel free to express your opinion in the comments below!

Now take a look at the recipe summary of Pioneer Woman broccoli salad and find your own inspiration!


Skinny broccoli salad recipe from Womanista

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skinny broccoli salad recipe from skinny mom

If you liked Mr Food broccoli salad with bacon and Cheddar cheese, which I showed you some days ago, maybe you will also like this one. It is something similar, but with one very big difference: it is a diet thing! 😉 Much lighter that the first one, perfect for people who want to loose some weight.

Instead of rich, sweet mayonnaise sauce this skinny broccoli salad includes yogurt dressing, which is a much lighter version. No bacon here, just the Cheddar cheese. Also, in this version there are more veggies, so you can be sure you are eating a salad and not a main meal.

BUT although this skinny broccoli salad recipe is suitable for people eating healthy, I would’t say it is better than Mr Food broccoli salad. Both are very delicious and interesting as well. So, let’s get now in details about this beauty, which I am showing you right now.

As you may noticed, the recipe comes from Womanista (the ones Skinny Mom:)). What I really like about their recipes is that the nutrition information is based on professional calculations, made by Registered Dietitian. So you can be really sure, that is all correct. Also the photography is quite amazing. When you scroll down the recipe and take a look at the many photos included, you start to feel very hungry. 🙂

The pretty look is actually the next thing I loved about this skinny broccoli salad. So many colors are playing in the bowl, that you could motivate even a child, that hates broccoli, to have a bite. Very fresh combination, including red, green, white.

What I would maybe add to the salad is shredded carrot. I just want to see some orange between the reds and greens. Also and egg would fit quite nicely, but it will make it a little bit more heavy.

Actually I don’t come to any other ideas for upgrading this skinny broccoli salad. It is just too perfect to be changed in any way. Congratulations, Womanista! You showed us a pretty looking, simple and tasty salad!

Try it, if you like it. Go to the original skinny broccoli salad recipe, if you need to see more exact information about the ingredient’s amount and nutrition.

Note: The photos on this page are property of Womanista.