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Mr Food Broccoli Tomato Salad with Mayonnaise Dressing

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mr food salad with broccoli

Mr Food broccoli tomato salad is the last salad from my broccoli salad collection. I have showed you already several pretty good variations of this well established and absolutely amazing combination of ingredients. One of my favorites are the broccoli raisin salad again from Mr Food and the Pioneer Woman broccoli salad with bacon and carrots. Why? Because first of all I love dried fruit in salads (also the classic broccoli salad from Chef Julie Yoon is pretty good – with dried cranberries) and secondly I love broccoli, mixed with carrots. But of course it all depends on your personal taste, so you can just go the broccoli salads category and choose the best salad for your taste: there are some with roasted nuts, some with different types of cheese, etc.

Mr Food broccoli tomato salad is the very basic option of the Broccoli Bacon Cheese Salad

Although there are many variations of this salad, the very main ingredients are no more than five: broccoli, red onion, bacon, cheese, mayonnaise. Because tomatoes are very often included to this combination, we could say this particular broccoli salad shows the very basics. You could replace the sugar with honey to make the dressing a little bit healthier. But have in mind, that it has to be real honey…

One more thing: don’t try to replace the bacon with chicken pieces. Not that chicken doesn’t match broccoli and mayonnaise, but bacon and broccoli are proven to taste best of all other meat-broccoli combinations. If the bacon is grilled, smoked or baked to crispiness, then you got it!

Mr Food broccoli tomato salad is suitable for big celebrations, because it doesn’t appear to be a well known and “boring” salad. You could definitely surprise your guest with this explosion of tastes. Of course you could prepare it also on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when you want to spent some time with yourself or with your family – just to have something delicious on the table.

Do you need to see the original recipe of Mr Food broccoli tomato salad? Visit this page and get more information and cool tips from Mr Food. Here is the summary I made:

Note: The photo on this page is property of Mr Food.


Broccoli raisin salad from Mr Food: а healthier version

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broccoli raisin salad Mr Food

Have you seen the last version of broccoli cheese salad that I showed you? It was Neelys broccoli salad with bacon and cheese. There I talked about how popular is the combination of broccoli, bacon, cheese, red onion and mayonnaise. And I explained that there are many variations of the salad.

Now I want to bring to your attention one more version. It comes from Mr Food and surprises again with creativity. What is it this time?

Sure there are again our favorite broccoli florets, our even more favorite bacon slices, the crispy red onion and the already well known mayonnaise. But this time the focus is not on the dressing, the focus is on the veggie salad. Instead of making a dressing from mayonnaise and Greek yogurt, like it was here, or from mayonnaise and sour cream, like we saw in the Neelys broccoli salad recipe, here we don’t make a dressing. We just mix the vegetables with the mayonnaise and we add some vinegar, which gives a fresher flavor to the whole thing. There are two other interesting differences between the broccoli raisin salad from Mr Food and the other versions.

Which are the different things in the broccoli raisin salad from Mr Food?

The first one are the sunflower kernels. Sunflower kernels are a really good option, if you want to give fullness to your salad, but still keep it as healthy as possible. Sunflower kernels contain fat, so that way you could balance between the mayonnaise and those kernels. Put less mayonnaise and more sunflower kernels in your broccoli salad.

The second really interesting thing about the broccoli raisin salad from Mr Food is the process of preparing the salad. It is quite original, I think. Most of the times we cook the broccoli first, for about 30 seconds, shock them in ice and then add the rest of the ingredients. This time we leave them raw. I think this gives an extra freshness to the salad. The broccoli remain really crunchy and green, they look beautiful in the plate and don’t loose any of their vitamins and nutrition. Maybe this is the healthier version of broccoli bacon salad: with lots of raisins, less mayonnaise and more sunflower kernels.

Speaking about healthy, I think a handful of quinoa would match perfectly the salad structure and taste. What I would also do is replacing the vinegar with orange juice. Orange juice tastes amazing with bacon, you definitely have to try it. But you have to be careful not to make the broccoli salad too sweet. Don’t forget there are raisins there as well. Everything is balance, just be careful with the ingredient’s amount.

Take a look at the summary I made. Go here, if you want to see the full, original version of Mr Food broccoli raisin salad. And don’t forget to have fun! 🙂