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Skinny broccoli salad recipe from Womanista

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skinny broccoli salad recipe from skinny mom

If you liked Mr Food broccoli salad with bacon and Cheddar cheese, which I showed you some days ago, maybe you will also like this one. It is something similar, but with one very big difference: it is a diet thing! 😉 Much lighter that the first one, perfect for people who want to loose some weight.

Instead of rich, sweet mayonnaise sauce this skinny broccoli salad includes yogurt dressing, which is a much lighter version. No bacon here, just the Cheddar cheese. Also, in this version there are more veggies, so you can be sure you are eating a salad and not a main meal.

BUT although this skinny broccoli salad recipe is suitable for people eating healthy, I would’t say it is better than Mr Food broccoli salad. Both are very delicious and interesting as well. So, let’s get now in details about this beauty, which I am showing you right now.

As you may noticed, the recipe comes from Womanista (the ones Skinny Mom:)). What I really like about their recipes is that the nutrition information is based on professional calculations, made by Registered Dietitian. So you can be really sure, that is all correct. Also the photography is quite amazing. When you scroll down the recipe and take a look at the many photos included, you start to feel very hungry. 🙂

The pretty look is actually the next thing I loved about this skinny broccoli salad. So many colors are playing in the bowl, that you could motivate even a child, that hates broccoli, to have a bite. Very fresh combination, including red, green, white.

What I would maybe add to the salad is shredded carrot. I just want to see some orange between the reds and greens. Also and egg would fit quite nicely, but it will make it a little bit more heavy.

Actually I don’t come to any other ideas for upgrading this skinny broccoli salad. It is just too perfect to be changed in any way. Congratulations, Womanista! You showed us a pretty looking, simple and tasty salad!

Try it, if you like it. Go to the original skinny broccoli salad recipe, if you need to see more exact information about the ingredient’s amount and nutrition.

Note: The photos on this page are property of Womanista.