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Classic broccoli salad recipe from Chef Julie Yoon

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recipe for classic broccoli salad
Hello, dear broccoli salad lovers!Thanks for stopping by to check what kind of salad I am showing you today. You guessed it: classic broccoli salad. What means actually a classic broccoli salad? Which are the ingredients and how do you prepare it?
I chose to show the version of classic broccoli salad from Julie and her husband’s website Chef Julie Yoon, because I find it very inspirational. Not just the salad, but also the whole process of doing it, the photos (and also the behind the scenes material), it is all very professional and inspiring as well.
Maybe you have noticed, if you are reading my other posts for salads, that I am making a collection of all variations of the very famous broccoli bacon cheese mayonnaise salad. It’s quite amazing to see how similar and at the same time how different those salad recipes are. There are variations in the dressing: some make it from mayonnaise and Greek yogurt, others mix mayonnaise with sour cream, some authors don’t even make a dressing, they just pour the mayonnaise on top of the broccoli and toss well. Some use honey, others – sugar, some prepare the dressing with apple vinegar, but I’ve seen it also with wine vinegar (like here in this classic broccoli salad).
The nuts, that they add to the salad, can variate too. You could actually mix any kind of nuts, it is better that you roast them and take off the skin.
What else comes to the broccoli bacon salad? Many times there are dried fruit: fried cranberries or raisins.
Red onion is always there, mixed with the broccoli and bacon. It isn’t necessary to add Cheddar cheese to the salad. You could add also feta or just skip the cheese, if you want to make a lighter version, not so rich in calories.
What you could add is more veggies: spinach, cherry tomatoes would do well. But that is not the case with this salad. So let’s get directly to the main question:

Which are the main ingredients of the classic broccoli salad from Chef Julie Yoon?

Julie keeps it simple, she keeps it classic. 🙂 The only vegetables she uses are the basic one: broccoli and red onion. And that is actually the real broccoli bacon salad.

What comes next? Crispy bacon pieces and dried cranberries. Until now we have veggies, meat, fruit and now come the nuts: she chooses cashews for her salad, but as I said you could experiment with your broccoli salad recipe and add any other type of nuts you want. Be creative!

Finally, the dressing for the classic broccoli salad: it is also the basics: mayonnaise, sugar (honey optional), wine vinegar, garlic powder and kosher salt. I forgot to tell you, that garlic powder is also a proven partner-ingredient to the broccoli bacon salad.

If you are interested to see the full version of the recipe: shown with amazing pictures and video, follow this link. Take a look at my quick summary of the classic broccoli salad when you just need the basic information.

Have fun in the kitchen and don’t forget to share your experience in the comment below!

Note: The pictures on this page are made and owned by Chef Julie Yoon.