Easy potato salad from Deliciously Ella

While most of the men adore meat and always want meat on the table, ladies are big fans of potatoes. The funny thing about that is that potatoes are one of the biggest enemies of women’s waste line. We love potatoes, but we want to be thin and beautiful, right? Is it hard to combine […]

potato salad with yogurt mustard sauce and corn

Potato salad with mustard yogurt sauce

Here is a really cool salad. It is suitable for people who love strong, pungent taste. The main “hero” is definitely the mustard. It matches the potato flavor and makes the salad juicy. In combination with the chopped carrots and corn, the mustard yogurt (and dill!) sauce is the perfect partner of this cute, boiled […]

potato salad with red pepper cheese and dill

Pretty potato salad with bell pepper

The only thing that I don’t like about potato salads is their lack of color. Most of the potato salads just look kind of pale. That is why I always try to add some fresh color in my potato salad recipes – I want the salad to shine, when I put it on the table! […]

potato and squash salad with carrots

Potato-squash salad with carrots

This salad is actually a combination of two. I showed you a very cool recipe for potato and squash salad. Here is the same salad, but this time mixed with lots of fresh carrots and parsley. I decided to add some more vegetables to the first version, because I wanted to make the salad a […]

potato salad with garlic and dill

Beautiful potato salad with garlic

The most important ingredient of this potato salad is the garlic. That is what brings a strong flavor. The recipe, which I am going to show you now, is perfect for combining it with fish. The lemon juice, the garlic and the greens taste perfectly together. Should I say that this potato salad with garlic […]

potato egg salad with cheese and parsley

Potato salad with egg and cheese

Are you hungry? Eat this salad! It will definitely fill you up but in the nice way. I mean, you won’t feel sleepy after that (like for example if you eat a burger). Main ingredients are potatoes, egg and cheese. The salad is very suitable for active people who do sport or just burn calories […]

potato salad with creme

Delicious potato salad with creme

I simply love all types of cremes, sauces, dressings etc. Everything that gives the salad “fullness” and make it a little bit richer in calories. So I guess this potato salad with creme is the big star of today. You could use yogurt instead of creme. For me it is almost the same, the creme […]

potato salad with lemon

Cute potato salad with carrots

Here is a beautiful idea for garnish. It is a very easy potato salad, decorated with grated carrot, lemon slices and olives. The black pepper is also important for this recipe because it gives the salad a special flavor that matches perfectly the taste of lemon juice. I recommend that you put the salad on […]

Pretty potato salad with egg

I made this salad because I wanted to try the taste of potatoes in combination with avocado and eggs. What is very special about this salad is its look. It is simply so beautiful. A great idea if you want to surprise your guests with something interesting. Now let’s get to the recipe. Do you […]

Easy potato salad with gherkins

Potato salads are great if you are looking for something easy and super delicious. Of course, you have to be careful with the amount, because we all know potatoes aren’t “best waist line friends”. You can combine this salad with a steak or with fish, or you can eat it just like that, instead of […]

squash and potato salad with dill

Very cute potato and squash salad

Potato salads CAN be light and low on calories. Here is a suggestion for such one. I experimented with a squash and the result is more than satisfying. The potato-squash salad recipe is for 1 serving. That is why I wrote you need only half of the potato, half of the squash etc. With one […]