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11 best fruits for fruit salad: with examples!

Maybe you want to make a nice fruit salad and you are asking yourself: “How could I make the best fruit salad? Which fruits should I choose?” Actually it is not easy to find the best fruits for fruit salad. Most of the fruits could be suitable, depending on what they are combined with. But […]

Simple orange salad with banana

It is not important to prepare a super unique and complicated salad. It is important that you do it fast and enjoy its taste. If the salad is also healthy, then you got it: time for yourself, cool taste and good energy. What else would you need? I know it is strange to call this a […]

pear banana salad cinnamon honey

Simple pear and banana salad

This salad is very suitable for breakfast. It is light but at the same time fulling…Sounds strange, right? The banana pieces and the honey will give you energy until noon and the pear and cinnamon make it more tasty and just give you a nice, fresh feeling. It is a really cute combination of flavors […]