amazing asian chicken salad

Asian chicken salad from Recipe Girl

It is easy to cook. What is the golden rule? Just cook simple. Combine ingredients that you love to eat and there will be no reason for hesitation – your recipe is going to work! That is why I simply adore the recipe, which I am going to show you now. It is really easy, […]

chinese chicken salad from simply recipes

Chinese chicken salad from Simply Recipes

Simple things are loved by so many people. That is why I want to share with you a really simple salad recipe. I think everybody can do it, even if he has zero experience in the kitchen. Elise from Simply Recipes has made this salad. It is called Chinese chicken salad and as you can […]

delicious thai chicken salad

Thai chicken salad from Chelsea Winter

I really like websites and blogs that are transparent – you know exactly who stands behind the curtains. Here is an example for such a blog: Chelsea Winter. The website’s name is actually the name of the owner and author. This girl has some amazing recipes to share with us. The recipe that I decided […]

chicken mango salad

Caribbean chicken mango salad from Well Plated

Not everybody loves the combination of meat and fruit. But since you came to this page I am sure you are not one of those people. There are actually many amazing meat-fruit mixes that make an explosion of taste and vitamins. Apples, oranges, strawberries, all kinds of berries actually, pears, plums, grapes, mango, avocado, cherries: […]

Burmese chicken salad recipe

Burmese chicken salad from Food52

When I saw this salad recipe on Food52 I had no idea what  Burmese food means. I searched for it and understood these things, please correct me, if I am wrong: Most of the times it goes with some fish sauce There must be something fried in it There has to be chili in it. […]

Vietnamese chicken salad from Once Upon A Chef

If you want to prepare something interesting and simple for tonight, try out this Vietnamese chicken salad. Two main things I find really cool about it: the fish Vietnamese sauce that tastes great with the chicken and secondly: the chicken that is shredded. When it is chopped into so small pieces  you can really feel […]

recipe paleo asian chicken salad

Paleo Asian chicken salad from Paleo Grubs

Just because you have an Asian chicken salad doesn’t mean you have to eat mayo. 🙂 Yes, most of the times it does contains some filling sauce, rich in calories, but you are the one who creates the salad, right? So you could make as lighter version as you want. Here is an example for […]