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The king of the kings: the only one, amazing, interesting and delicious salad, selected from many, many salads from food blogs and websites. It comes with a recipe summary and link to the author as well.

Vietnamese chicken salad from Once Upon A Chef

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If you want to prepare something interesting and simple for tonight, try out this Vietnamese chicken salad. Two main things I find really cool about it: the fish Vietnamese sauce that tastes great with the chicken and secondly: the chicken that is shredded. When it is chopped into so small pieces  you can really feel the chicken everywhere, in each tiny bite. The little pieces soak in the dressing and it all turns into something heavenly.

I saw this salad on Once Upon A Chef, from Jenn Segal. This lady is very inspiring for me, because she gives ideas, which seem strange at the first moment, but then you realize they are so creative. Like the idea of combining chicken with fish Vietnamese sauce…I would never had come to this crazy idea!

I definitely recommend you visit the original recipe page. Jenn pays attention to all details and to each single step of the process. That is another thing I admire on her website. She doesn’t just give a recipe with a beautiful photo of the end-result. She shows the whole process with pictures. That way you can really see how she has done the salad. You even don’t have to read the instructions from the recipe, you understand it all from the photos!

After I make a summary of this amazing, delicious Vietnamese shredded chicken salad I will give you my personal ideas and suggestions.

Note: the photos are property of Ones Upon A Chef.


I have come to couple of fresh ideas about this salad. So, here there are:

  • You could add a shredded summer squash. But it is important to get all the water out before mixing it with the other ingredients. Just leave the shredded squash for half an hour an then squeeze it nicely.
  • You could add some vermicelli. I think they match very good with the Vietnamese fish sauce.
  • If you want, you could skip the Vietnamese part and instead of using all these exotic sauces you could just mix the ingredients with some mayonnaise! 🙂

Share your ideas! Have you tried this salad? What do you think about it?

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Paleo Asian chicken salad from Paleo Grubs

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recipe paleo asian chicken salad

Just because you have an Asian chicken salad doesn’t mean you have to eat mayo. 🙂 Yes, most of the times it does contains some filling sauce, rich in calories, but you are the one who creates the salad, right? So you could make as lighter version as you want.

Here is an example for delicious paleo Asian chicken salad, which is low on calories, rich in protein and most importantly: rich in flavors! I saw the recipe from the website Paleo Grubs. The author Rebecca Bowl proves how easy it is to prepare light Asian salads. One important note she makes is that this salad goes typically with red cabbage, but she has chosen red onion for her chicken salad. I suggest you should do it as you like it. I don’t mind red cabbage, maybe I will put both, when I try this paleo masterpiece. 🙂

This Asian chicken salad has something really special. That is the vinaigrette. Can you imagine what would it be if you mix orange juice with apple cider vinegar, honey, coconut aminos, ginger, sesame oil, garlic? Something crazy, right? Exactly. This vinaigrette is simply crazy, in a beautiful way.

Another thing that made me love this Asian chicken salad is the combination of chicken, green vegetables and nuts. Nuts are important, if you are aiming to prepare a super cool paleo salad. What else? Don’t skip the part with the sesame seeds. It takes less than 10 seconds to sparkle some on top of the salad, but they give an upgrade.

If you are interested in reading the full version of the recipe, go on Paleo Grubs page. Take a look at the summary I made, if you just want to see the basics.

Note: The photos are property of Paleo Grubs.


There are many ingredients that would match with this beautiful paleo Asian chicken salad. Here are my ideas:

  • You could add some raisins. They will give an extra sweet flavor.
  • You could add some mushrooms.
  • You could use any kind of green veggie, you want.
  • You could add some shredded apple.

Tell me what you think about this salad. I would be happy to read your comments!

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