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Here it is in one sentence: If you don’t like salads, you don’t belong here!

Oh God, that was rude….:) Let’s say it with nice, welcoming words:

You are a salad lover? You find that making salads is your way to rest and have fun? You google all the time different recipes with tons of veggies and you experiment in the kitchen, mixing interesting ingredients and creating salad masterpieces? Then welcome! You are going to love this place! 🙂

That was a little joke with all this introduction, but seriously we do think this website is for people who really enjoy preparing different salads. Because here, on this website, you will find only salads, there isn’t anything else. But first things first. Let’s start with a little bit of background. How did we come to the idea of making Pretty Salads?
The idea was mine. Oh, let me introduce myself. I am Andoniya, the founder of Pretty Salads. Do I have to mention that I have been ADORING salads all my life? I think it is obvious, otherwise I would never have launched this project. (If you aren’t passionate about something, don’t do it!) After I gave birth to my first child I started searching for more and more salads, because I wanted to loose some weight. Salads were main part of my eating plan, maybe 90%. I really liked that eating plan because it was low on calories, but still I could get protein and some important nutrition from meat pieces, beans, lentil, eggs, fish. When you eat a rich salad, for example spinach, carrots, grilled chicken pieces, corn, pomegranate seeds, black olives, you satisfy your need for complex carbohydrates and fats, you don’t feel hungry, you experiment with lots of flavors and meanwhile you also feed your “eyes” with all the explosion of fresh colors. You definitely win when you eat salads. You feel happy, energetic, beautiful and simply satisfied.

But while I was researching for salads, I noticed a lack in the search results. I had to go through tons of different websites to find a salad. For me, as someone with 90% salads of his daily menu, it was important to have one place, where I can find everything I was looking for. I imagined it to be so easy: I wake up, go to this virtual place, full of salad ideas and recipes, check what’s new, print the recipe and make the salad! Isn’t it really cool? A place, where you can find all kinds of salads, only salads, nothing else…I kept searching, but I couldn’t find a place like that. I landed on really good websites with thousands of recipes, beautiful food blogs, but they were filled up with other information I just didn’t needed. I wasn’t looking for easy recipes, neither for gluten-free meals, also not for recipes in general, I was looking for salads.

That was the moment, when I decided to launch Pretty Salads. I thought that maybe there are people out there, just like me, passionate about salads, who are going to enjoy and “use” a virtual place like that.

Today the Pretty Salads team is working hard and very enthusiastically on bringing new, good stuff to the table. We search for tasty and beautiful salads, select the best recipes and share them with you. We ALWAYS link to the original page and author of the recipe, because we believe it wouldn’t be fair not to. And we always make a note about the property of the pictures. They belong to the original authors. There are not our property. We really want to make the idea of Pretty Salads clear. Our philosophy is to collect cool salads from different places and put them on one place. We respect the people who had made the salads and who had shared their experience on the internet. That is why we never steal some other person’s work, we don’t pretend the recipe to belong to us.

We do research salads and show them on this blog, but we don’t just do that. We also find tips and tricks for organizing the kitchen, for making cheap and tasty salads, we select ideas for DIY decoration of salads and tables, also find interesting facts about products. We send all this information via email to everyone who wants to subscribe. So please feel invited! 🙂

We are going to give you a quick review of the categories and subcategories on Pretty Salads. What are you going to find here? This is the question we want to answer. The list below expands constantly as we are  regularly adding more recipes.

Category Vegetable Salads:

vegetablesYou will find here hundreds of salads with the veggies as main ingredient. Sure usually the main ingredient of a salad is a vegetable (it is after all a salad!:)), but nowadays there are also salads, which contain few veggies and lots of other things. That is why we needed to separate a category specially for vegetable salads.

Vegetable Salads are the healthiest option that you could choose between all kinds of salads.

Subcategory Broccoli Salads:

rich broccoli saladBroccoli is a very popular ingredient for salads. One of the most famous Broccoli salads is the one with broccoli, bacon, red onion and mayonnaise dressing. You will find many other interesting suggestions with broccoli: raw, cooked, steamed, roasted. They could be used in salads in all these conditions.

Broccoli Salads are very often searched by the readers. It seems people love them.

Category Fruit Salads:

pretty fruit saladsAlthough most of the people don’t take fruit salads seriously, fruit salads can surprise with a big variety of  textures, flavors and combinations. They are most suitable for the mornings, because they contain sugar (fruit sugar) and are rich in carbohydrates. That gives you energy for the day. Many times fruit salads can take some more sweetness. By adding cream, chocolate, different types of jam you can enrich the fruit taste and make the salad more filling. Of course you shouldn’t add too much of those sugars, because it won’t be a salad that way!

Fruit Salads are the sweet little piece of our Pretty Salads cupcake!

Category Pasta Salads:

pretty pasta saladsPasta Salads are the perfect excuse for eating pasta. 🙂 Actually they really replace pasta meals in a healthier way. If you eat 400 g of a pasta meal, you get almost 400 g of pasta. But if you enjoy a 400 g pasta salad, you get around 200 g of pasta and the rest is veggies. That is why pasta salads are such a great thing. In this category you will find salads from different types of pasta: tortellini, vermicelli, spaghetti , macaroni and much more…

Pasta Salads are one of the most delicious salads. Everybody loves pasta!

Category Potato Salads:

pretty potato saladsPotato Salads are something similar to Pasta Salads, when it comes to cheating. Potatoes are very rich in complex carbohydrates and that’s why it’s better for you to skip the Potato meals and stick to the Potato salads. Sweet potatoes can be put in a whole separate category, because they represent a totally different flavor. That is why we plan to select very soon a subcategory, named “Red Potato Salads”. Red potatoes are more expensive than all other types of potatoes, so you could use them in the salads mainly for special occasions. 🙂

Potato Salads could be used as a main dish and also as a garnish.

Category Chicken Salads:

pretty chicken saladsChicken Salads are maybe the favorite salads of all the male representatives on the planet. 🙂 If there were Pork Salads as well, these two types of salad would compete with each other. There are lots of different ways you could prepare the chicken in order to achieve a very specific taste of the salad. A salad with crispy fried chicken tastes very different from a salad with roasted, juicy chicken. Chicken salads are often extremely rich salads. They contain beans, lots of greens, dried of fresh fruits, amazing dressings. You definitely have to prepare a chicken salad at least once in your life. 🙂

Chicken Salads are the richest salads in protein.

Oh, you are still here? Thank you for reading the whole About Pretty Salads page! If you want to contact us, write us on [email protected] or visit our Contact page. We will love to hear from you, you crazy salad lover! Also, don’t forget to read our Privacy Policy and Terms pages in order to receive the best experience on our site! Thank you!

PrettySalads Team

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