broccoli salad pioneer woman, carrots, bacon

Pioneer woman broccoli salad with bacon and carrots

Here is something very fresh: an easy and delicious salad that is healthy as well. I am talking about Pioneer woman broccoli salad. Maybe you think it is not as healthy as I say because it contains bacon…And not just that. There is this yummy dressing, made of mayonnaise and yogurt. So, this broccoli salad isn’t skinny for sure, but healthy? In a way, yes. Although there are bacon pieces and mayonnaise dressing in it, it contains lots of veggies like broccoli, carrots, red onion and also raisins. The dressing is not just made of mayonnaise, there are yogurt and orange as well, so I think the whole Pioneer woman broccoli salad is balanced and not too fatty.

After all, there are two tablespoons of mayonnaise in the dressing, which covers 6 servings of salad. One tablespoon for 3 servings, that is 1/3 of a tablespoon for a serving. When you think of the salad that way you understand that is is actually more a diet meal than a rich in calories and filling dish.

It takes about 20 minutes to prepare the broccoli salad. If you keep cooked broccoli in your fridge, I would say you need no more than 15 minutes. Quick and simple recipe, I am loving it. Thank you, Pioneer Woman!

If you want to see the video of the broccoli bacon salad recipe, visit the original page. There is also the full version with the exact ingredient amount and all little details, which are also important for the final result. And if you are interested in the author of this amazing broccoli salad, take a look here.

What I would maybe add to this salad is cauliflower. When it is grilled and combined with some grilled cheese, it makes the salad more crunchy and adds an interesting flavor. Corn would also fit very well to this veggie combination. These are my ideas for upgrading the salad. Tell me if you have tried it and have some other suggestion. Feel free to express your opinion in the comments below!

Now take a look at the recipe summary of Pioneer Woman broccoli salad and find your own inspiration!

Pioneer woman broccoli salad with bacon and carrots
Pioneer woman broccoli salad with bacon and carrots
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  1. Kosher salt
  2. black pepper
  3. broccoli florets
  4. plain yogurt
  5. mayonnaise
  6. extra-virgin olive oil
  7. Zest and juice of 1 orange
  8. shredded carrots
  9. golden raisins
  10. red onion
  11. cooked bacon

  • Cook the broccoli for a minute and put them in ice water.
  • Mix the mayonnaise with the yogurt, orange zest and juice, oil. Sprinkle some salt and pepper.
  • Whisk together the veggies and raisins. Pour over the mayonnaise-yogurt dressing, toss well. 
  • Finally add the bacon and toss again.

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