Yummy broccoli cheese salad from Mr Food

broccoli cheese salad from mr food

Mr Food always surprises me with genial ideas for salads. He just has this gift to inspire you within seconds. Maybe because of the videos he shows. Just in several minutes you get to know the particular salad so well, that you don’t need to read, print or remember the recipe.

Like this broccoli cheese salad for example. Mr Food explains everything in the video below. Which are the ingredients? You just see them in the bowl: fresh broccoli, red onion, black olives, cherry tomatoes, two kinds of cheese and dressing. You could also some bacon, but this is optional.

The dressing for the broccoli cheese salad from Mr Food is really unique. Mayonnaise and yogurt, until here nothing extraordinary, right? But then come the honey and garlic powder. I have never tried honey with mayonnaise, I’ve just never come to such a crazy idea. Actually it is logical, that mayonnaise matches honey, because mayonnaise matches yogurt and yogurt matches honey. 🙂

The broccoli cheese salad from Mr Food is suitable for big tables and celebrations. Because of its original appearance and unique flavor combinations it is really good for those occasions, when you want to surprise your guests and make them feel really special for sitting around your table.

Go to the original page of this recipe, if you want to see all the details. I am showing you the summary of the broccoli cheese salad from Mr Food.

Here are couple of my ideas for this salad, I really hope you like them:

  • You could add some chopped baked potatoes to the salad.
  • You could add some mustard to the mayonnaise yogurt dressing.
  • You could whisk the salad with some baked sunflower seeds.

Have you tried this salad? Write down in the comments your experience, what to you think matches the salad and what not? Thank you! 🙂


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