Tortellini pesto chicken salad from Betty Crocker

pesto tortellini chicken salad

There are some salads that are simply B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Really. So rich in colors, textures, flavors. Like this tortellini pesto chicken salad for example. Maybe I see it as the prettiest salad on earth right now, because it is about 12 o’clock and I am filling so damn hungry…But just look at it! It has everything your body needs: pasta, meat, fresh vegetables, filling, juicy, tasty sauce from mayonnaise, pesto and buttermilk…These are the best salads, they don’t leave you hungry after you eat them.

I saw this recipe on Betty Crocker – a very cool website, full of kitchen masterpieces. It is suitable, if you are having guests or just want to surprise you family on lunch. You put it in the middle of the table, everybody stares at it with an open mouth and THEN you mix it. Don’t stir before showing it to your people! 🙂 Why have you done all these seven layers? Somebody has to see this beauty, right?

This tortellini pesto chicken salad is a perfect idea for combining beautiful colors in your plate. Try to eat like this – mixing green with red, yellow, orange etc. The many colors in your meal are an indicator for healthy, fresh meal. More colors, better meal!

Here you can see the original, full recipe of the salad. I made a quick summary with the basic steps.


Betty Crocker shows the best version of a tortellini pesto chicken salad. Honestly I don’t have many ideas about upgrading the salad. It seems perfect to me. The sauce is amazing. The salad is rich. Maybe I could give one idea:

Instead of peas you could add chickpeas. But the salad would lose its “rainbow” look that way. So with peas it is actually better. 🙂 Well done, Betty Crocker! You have made the best salad ever!

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