Strawberry chicken salad from PaleOMG

strawberry chicken salad

Sometimes we want to make a quick, super easy salad that takes no more than 10 minutes and no more than 3 ingredients. That actually happens most of the time…Going home after work, having plenty of duties with the family..We have to cook, play with the kids..I mean, who has the time and creativity to make a complicated and super special salad?? Chop a cabbage and two carrots and you are done! Eat!

But there are some cases when we need to prepare something really interesting. We are expecting guests, we celebrate, we want to surprise a person we love or we just have a couple of more minutes and for some reason we feel inspired…

For that kind of moments of inspiration you need exactly a salad like this, which I am going to present to you now. This is not just a strawberry chicken salad. It is actually a strawberry tomatillo chicken fajita salad. Sounds interesting and hard to accomplish? Don’t be afraid, it is really not that hard to prepare it. 🙂

The salad and the photos as well come from the food blog PaleOMG, which is a blog not just for food, but for all kinds of lifestyle themes. I recommend you take a look at it. There the author explains very detailed how much of each ingredient you need and gives you little advises. If you find this salad interesting and want to try it out, visit the origin recipe page.

Here is the summary I made:


These ideas came to me in order to experiment with the ingredients and achieve a different, but still very nice taste:

  • You could add pomegranate instead of strawberries.
  • You could do the same salad, but not with chicken: instead of chicken you could use grilled salmon.
  • You could add some spinach. Strawberries go great with spinach.

Do you have any other ideas? Right them on the comments. Feel free to express yourself.

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