Salad with arugula and pesto from Sweet Potato Soul

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pesto and arugula salad

This salad is totally crazy! Trust me, in the good way. Jenne from the food blog Sweet Potato Soul shows that healthy doesn’t mean boring. Yes. Healthy can be tasty, healthy can be filling. Isn’t it a great new, that you can enjoy delicious food, don’t feel hungry at all and at the same time be super energetic, beautiful and thin?

In order to make a salad filling and tasty you have to make it rich. Include many different types of ingredients: greens, potatoes, pumpkins, nuts, fruit, beans…the list goes on. If you make yourself a simple carrot salad with nothing but carrots, of course you will feel hungry and miserable. 🙂 But if you take a little bit more time in the kitchen and prepare yourself a rich, interesting salad, full of nutrition and vitamin, full of color and taste, there is now way you don’t start to do it every day!

Try this amazing salad with arugula and pesto (and many other cool things). See the full recipe here if you want to prepare it precisely.

Note: The photos are property of Sweet Potato Soul.


Here are couple of ideas for experimenting with the salad:

  • Add some baked walnuts.
  • Add some cherry tomatoes.
  • Add some shredded green apple.
  • Use spinach instead of arugula.

These are my ideas. Which are yours? Write on the comments below. 🙂

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