Pasta salad with chickpea and pesto from The Full Helping


DIY pesto…there is nothing tastier than that. You say you can’t do it? You don’t have a blender? Ok, go ahead and buy one. Honestly, homemade pesto is so much better than these ones in the shop. You will see the difference by yourself.

Speaking about pesto we come of course to pasta. These things go hand in hand together, they are just the most perfect combination for “flavor lovers”. No matter the type of pasta and the type of pesto. They are just well established, they match, that’s it. 🙂

Pasta salad with pesto and chickpea maybe sounds a little strange at the first moment. But don’t you dare to believe your first impression! The recipe comes from the really cool food blog, called The Full Helping. I think Gena made it, she is the one “guilty” for all that beautiful, tasty dishes. It is a gorgeous salad, suitable for people that adore pasta and still don’t want to overeat with it.

I made a summary of the salad to show you the main ingredients and the basic steps to do it. But for further information visit the original recipe page.

Try this salad at home an write a comment! Did you like it? Do you have any ideas or suggestions? You think it would taste better with black beans? I don’t know, I haven’t tried…

Note: The wonderful photos on this page are property of The Full Helping.


Second note: For this pasta salad with chickpea and pesto I think it is really important to use lemon juice. Don’t experiment with vinegar, you will mess up the wonderful salad. What you could experiment with is, in my opinion, the type of pasta. When you use vermicelli for example, you will achieve a very elegant and classy look. Also the thinner the pasta is, the stronger the taste of the pesto will be. There are many options. Just find your best combination. And don’t forget to enjoy!

Should I say: Well done, The Full Helping! Great job, amazing photos and easy recipe.

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