Mango walnut salad from Green Kitchen Stories

mango walnut salad

Since I love Green Kitchen Stories I want to inspire you with one of their salad recipes. Do you think mango and walnut go well together? Absolutely yes! Basically most of the fruit are very tasty when they are combined with nuts. But it is not enough to just mix a banana with some peanuts for example. You should always try to give the salad some uniqueness, I call it a spirit. In this case Green Kitchen Stories have put their whole imagination and creativity. The mango walnut salad they present is a sweet combination of fresh colors and an explosion of flavors. The most interesting thing about this salad is the walnut dressing, I think. I have never come to the idea of making a walnut dressing, it is very original.

The beautiful photo of the salad is taken by Green Kitchen Stories. If you want to see the whole recipe, just go to their page.

Have fun in the kitchen and experiment! I am sure you will make a salad masterpiece!


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