Asparagus pasta salad from Running Go Real Food

asparagus pasta salad

Asparagus is one of the modern vegetables. Have you noticed that it is everywhere around us: classy restaurants, advertisements, diets, elegant tables…Most of the times it is served as a salmon or steak garnish and it looks really beautiful…

Usually I am not a big fan of modern “superfoods”, I think they are as super as the other. Each type of food has its nutrition, vitamins etc. But this food: asparagus, is something so damn delicious! Especially when it is grilled.

This asparagus pasta salad recipe comes from the food blog Running Go Real Food. Deryn, the author, shows a different use of the asparagus. It is not combined with meat or fish as usual, but with pasta. And that’s not a usual pasta – Deryn makes a beautiful salad with asparagus and zucchini noodles, which are a healthier option for all of you who adore pasta products. The salad is gluten- and oil-free, there are just so many reasons to try it.

If you want to see the full version of the recipe and the stunning photo gallery of the salad, visit the page of Running Go Real Food. Here I am just showing you a summary: which are the basic ingredients, what do you need to do in general. The photos are property of Deryn and her amazing food blog. Good job, Deryn!


Here are my ideas for experimenting with this delicious asparagus and pasta salad:

  • You could try to add chickpea instead of pea.
  • You could season with a lot of black pepper.
  • You could add tuna fish. I think it would taste great. (We are not talking about vegan menu, right? :))
  • You could add avocado. Avocado just fits everywhere…It is so good.

Right a comment if you have some other suggestions. The best part about salads is that you can experiment with the ingredients!

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