Asian chicken salad from Recipe Girl

amazing asian chicken salad

It is easy to cook. What is the golden rule? Just cook simple. Combine ingredients that you love to eat and there will be no reason for hesitation – your recipe is going to work!

That is why I simply adore the recipe, which I am going to show you now. It is really easy, quick and the end-result is…yummy. Lori Lange from Recipe Girl has made an amazing Asian chicken salad. Just take a look at the ingredients and you will see: there is no risk to make a mistake here. The ingredients themselves are super delicious. Where to start from? Chicken breasts? Who doesn’t like to eat them… (Except all vegetarian and vegan people, but they would’t come to this page anyway :)) Continuing with some fresh, tasty vegetables and going to the special part of the recipe – peanuts! Ok…now I feel really hungry!

Maybe you think that is all what this Asian chicken salad is about: chicken, peanuts and vegetables. But hold on till I come to the dressing. Lori Lange has created a super tasty dressing from honey, peanut butter, soy sauce, lime juice and cayenne pepper. I wouldn’t recommend this dressing if you are on a diet. It is definitely not a diet thing, especially when it comes with a heavy chicken salad with peanuts. But if you are NEVER on a diet like me, go ahead and try it out! Just eat it instead of lunch and go jogging after that. 🙂

I made a summary of the original recipe from Recipe Girl. Below I give you some ideas about ingredients that would match this salad very well.

Enjoy and have fun with this pretty Asian chicken salad!

Note: The photos on this page are property of Recipe Girl.


There are many ideas for “playing” with this recipe. Here I share with you a couple of them:

  • For green veggies you could use spinach and peas (or maybe broccoli).
  • Instead of carrots you could add some sweet potatoes.
  • You could replace the peanuts with Brazil nuts. I think it will taste great.

What are your suggestions? Write in the comment below!

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