Minty black bean salad from My new roots

black bean salad with mint

This minty black bean salad is not what you think. It is much more interesting and much, much bigger than you think! My new roots surprised me with an idea for lunch salad for a really big crowd…I am talking about 20 to 30 people. When you take a look at the recipe you will see that it is far easier to prepare such a giant salad than you maybe think. Don’t be afraid to feed a lot of friends…You just need a bigger bowl and bigger portions of ingredients, that’s all. And with this minty black bean salad you will definitely blow their minds away! It is a crazy salad…In the good way. 🙂

I am showing you here a summary of the recipe: the main ingredients and very basic instructions. Take a look at the original recipe, if you want to cook it perfectly.

Note: The beautiful photos are property of My new roots.


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