Carrot pomegranate spinach salad with almonds

spinach carrot pomegranate almond salad recipe

Salads, which combine different types of food, are amazing. Like the carrot pomegranate spinach salad that I am going to show you right now. When you mix vegetables with fruits you get a really interesting and fresh flavor. (But not always. For example never mix banana with salty spinach…Banana and salt? No, no…just no! 🙂 )Citrus fruits are very suitable for vegetable salads. They go extremely well with greens. Try to make a salad with iceberg and pomelo, or green salad and orange. The taste is so fresh. You feel like you are eating a very rich meal, rich in vitamins.

So, in the spirit of veggie-fruit combinations and experiments I am giving you today my masterpiece: carrot pomegranate spinach salad with almonds!

If you are looking for a pretty salad, you just found it. Congratulations. 🙂 It is so colorful. The pomegranate makes it juicy and the almonds give it some fullness, so that you don’t just satisfy the appetite of your eyes, but also of your stomach. 🙂

When you have guests and you want to surprise them with an interesting and delicious salad, I would’t advise you to serve it in that particular form. What do I mean by saying “form”? Don’t serve the ingredients mixed together, because not everybody likes salads with fruits. It won’t be nice, if you leave your guests without any choice. Here is what you could do in order to make the situation flexible: Serve the mixed carrot and spinach in one plate, serve beside two small bowls: one with pomegranate seeds and one with raw almonds. Explain to your people that they could add these things to their salad, if they want. I guarantee, they will feel very happy with the freedom you give them.

Ok, let’s get now to the salad recipe. It couldn’t be more simple. Take a look at the instructions, you need 10 seconds to remember the recipe, don’t need to print it, it is just so damn easy! 🙂

Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments below. Have you tried this salad? How did you find it?


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