Cucumber green salad with red onion

cucumber green salad red onion recipe

After the easy and tasty cucumber garlic salad with dill here is another suggestion for very simple and at the same time interesting salad. You need three main ingredients for this one: cucumber, green salad leaves and some red onion. Usually we associate green salad and cucumber with that very famous spring salad: green salad, cucumber, egg and green onion. But this is not the case here.

The interesting ingredient is definitely the red onion. Most of us have never tried this at the first time weird combination. The salad is light, without any doubt. You could make it a little bit more filling by adding some grilled chicken pieces or why not some tuna fish? Egg is of course the traditional protein partner of green salad, but use meat, if you want to make it original.

Use some corn, if you want to give this salad some extra sweet flavor. (The red onion has already given some sweetness.) Or if you don’t want to focus on sweetness and want to make the salad with a balanced structure and taste, then you could chop some black olives and toss everything well.

This cucumber green salad isn’t actually suitable for main salad or main dish. It is just to light. You will leave the table hungry as hell! The salad could be a very good garnish. Put a big, juicy steak on a white plate, place a handful of this green salad, sparkle some black and red pepper and squeeze some lemon juice (or lime juice!). I guarantee, this will be the perfect meal for lunch!

Keep in mind, that you have to make the salad minutes or maximum half an hour before serving in order to serve it as fresh as possible. If you chop the green salad and leave it for more than an hour, your salad will not just loose its fresh and pretty look, but will also loose its taste. Or if you chop it earlier, just don’t touch it! 🙂 I mean, don’t toss the products, don’t season the salad. Do that just before serving.

Take a look a the recipe now. You could experiment with the product’s amount. Just do it as you like it.


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