Chinese chicken salad from Simply Recipes

chinese chicken salad from simply recipes

Simple things are loved by so many people. That is why I want to share with you a really simple salad recipe. I think everybody can do it, even if he has zero experience in the kitchen.

Elise from Simply Recipes has made this salad. It is called Chinese chicken salad and as you can see it is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 🙂 The salad is beautiful and really tasty. If you don’t want to prepare a dressing (for me the easiest salads are without dressings), just skip it. Do the salad and season it with whatever you have: vinegar, salt, oil. Of course it would be great to do the exact recipe that Elise gives you, but there is no rule that says: “You have to copy paste! Otherwise you are not allowed to do this recipe!” 🙂 Actually the more you experiment and do the recipe in your own way, the better result you will achieve. I say this from my personal experience.

Why I chose to show you this salad? What is so special about it? The interesting thing in this chicken salad is that it looks very complicated , with different textures, layers. But actually it takes no more than 15 minutes to prepare it and all you have to do is mix the ingredients.

Another thing, which I like about this Chinese chicken salad, is that you can improvise a lot with it. Below I will give you some of my ideas about different flavors that will match the salad.

Take a look at the recipe summary  or go to the original recipe from Simply Recipes and see the detailed information. Don’t forget to have fun!

Note: the photo is property of Simply Recipes.


Suggestions for adding some new flavors to the Chinese chicken salad:

  • Instead of using sesame oil you could sparkle some sesame seeds on top.
  • You could add some Chinese mushrooms. They will match perfectly the chicken and soy sauce dressing.
  • You could make the dressing with lemon juice instead of rice vinegar.
  • You could top with some vermicelli.

Write down your ideas about this Chinese chicken salad recipe from Simply Recipes. I will be happy to get more suggestions!

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