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Cucumber pomelo salad with tuna fish

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cucumber tuna fish salad with pomelo

Everybody has his very favorite salads. Some people like traditional salads, other prefer to experiment and create strange, but interesting stuff.

Speaking about favorite salads, here is one of my top of the top! Seriously. This is my favorite salad. The second one is the pomegranate carrot spinach salad. But this is the first one. The mix of pomelo, tuna fish, cucumber and iceberg (or green salad) has an unbelievable taste. Actually the original recipe for this salad includes also corn. What you could also add to it is black olives. Trust me, you won’t regret!

This is one of the salads that seem to be a little bit weird. If you serve it to your guests, maybe some of them will look kind of skeptical. It is just because the salad is so interesting. Nothing traditional, it goes beyond the “normal” ideas for salad. Everybody knows that cabbage goes great with carrots. Everybody knows that tomatoes go great with cucumbers. Everybody knows that green salad goes great with eggs. But who would guess that pomelo and tuna fish would be such a great couple? And it is not just them. All the ingredients of this cucumber pomelo salad with tuna fish are an important part of the recipe. And I would also highly recommend you try out the version with the corn and black olives. Everyone deserves to taste something so good!

Maybe you are asking yourself, could you replace the tuna fish with some other kind of meat: salmon, chicken? Well, you could and you will get also a nice result. Pomelo matches almost all kinds of meat (just like the orange, plum, apple). BUT the original recipe is with tuna fish, because this combination is absolutely unique and perfect.

Now take a look at the recipe of this salad. You could “play” with the ingredient’s amount. Maybe you are a big fan of pomelo? Ok, great! Then chop some more of it into the salad! Don’t be afraid it will get to “fruity”. If that is the way you like, what should you be afraid of? πŸ™‚ Or maybe you want the salad to be lighter, because you are on a diet…(oh, no, again? :)). Then just focus on the cucumber.

What I am trying to say is: make the salad the way you like it. I am giving you the basics, the idea, the inspiration. You are the one in the kitchen and the one, who is eating it at the end! I already made mine!

So, enjoy this amazing cucumber pomelo salad with tuna fish!


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Cucumber summer squash salad with cheese

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beautiful cucumber summer squash salad with white cheese

Usually when you hear the word SALAD you think of a bowl, full of chopped pieces from different vegetables, mixed into a colorful combination. That is not what you are going to see today…I chose to show you something different. You may even think this is not a salad. Because it looks like…I don’t know, it just doesn’t look like a salad. πŸ™‚ And let me tell you: I love it! The fact, that it is so easy to make and at the same time so delicious and so original and pretty, you should try it without any doubt.

The interesting thing about the look of this cucumber summer squash salad is the color. Most of the salads look really colorful, something like a rainbow, right? But this salad surprises with a very simple look, mainly in green. You could actually mistaken the cucumber with the summer squash. I think it looks really classy.

The white color of the cheese gives a super cool ascent and also some fullness to the salad, which is any way very low on calories. You maybe know, that cucumber and summer squash contain mainly water…So, I would recommend this salad, if you are trying to loose some weight or you just want to try out some fresh and light meal. It goes great with grilled bread. So good!

Don’t be afraid to improvise. Try to add some garlic. If you bake it in the oven for about 10 minutes (important, don’t peel the garlic, when you bake it!), it will become super tasty. You could also make a dressing with some lime juice. A table spoon of soy sauce would also match this salad very well. There are so many things you could do with the cucumber summer squash salad. Sparkle some sunflower seeds to make it richer or add some shredded egg, which will go perfectly with the white cheese. I could go on like this forever: giving new ideas and suggestions. Here I will show you the basic of the salad, if you want you could create a brand new, upgraded version!

Feel free to write in the comments below,Β if you have made the salad and how do you find it. What do you think will make it even more pretty and delicious? I will be glad to receive a feedback from you.:)


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Carrot pomegranate spinach salad with almonds

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spinach carrot pomegranate almond salad recipe

Salads, which combine different types of food, are amazing. Like the carrot pomegranate spinach salad that I am going to show you right now. When you mix vegetables with fruits you get a really interesting and fresh flavor. (But not always. For example never mix banana with salty spinach…Banana and salt? No, no…just no! πŸ™‚ )Citrus fruits are very suitable for vegetable salads. They go extremely well with greens. Try to make a salad with iceberg and pomelo, or green salad and orange. The taste is so fresh. You feel like you are eating a very rich meal, rich in vitamins.

So, in the spirit of veggie-fruit combinations and experiments I am giving you today my masterpiece: carrot pomegranate spinach salad with almonds!

If you are looking for a pretty salad, you just found it. Congratulations. πŸ™‚ It is so colorful. The pomegranate makes it juicy and the almonds give it some fullness, so that you don’t just satisfy the appetite of your eyes, but also of your stomach. πŸ™‚

When you have guests and you want to surprise them with an interesting and delicious salad, I would’t advise you to serve it in that particular form. What do I mean by saying “form”? Don’t serve the ingredients mixed together, because not everybody likes salads with fruits. It won’t be nice, if you leave your guests without any choice. Here is what you could do in order to make the situation flexible: Serve the mixed carrot and spinach in one plate, serve beside two small bowls: one with pomegranate seeds and one with raw almonds. Explain to your people that they could add these things to their salad, if they want. I guarantee, they will feel very happy with the freedom you give them.

Ok, let’s get now to the salad recipe. It couldn’t be more simple. Take a look at the instructions, you need 10 seconds to remember the recipe, don’t need to print it, it is just so damn easy! πŸ™‚

Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments below. Have you tried this salad? How did you find it?


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Cucumber egg salad with soy sauce

cucumber egg salad with soy sauce recipe

Here is an idea for lunch. There is no meat included, but still it is very filling. What happens when you make a combination of egg, cucumber and soy sauce? Something really tasty. Soy sauce is suitable for this salad for two reasons:

  1. Many times cucumber is included in sushi recipes (you know: cucumber, avocado, salmon, tuna fish). Sushi and soy sauce are like brother and sister. That is why it is logical that soy sauce will match a cucumber salad perfectly.
  2. Soy sauce goes great with meat. (Any kind of meat, also fish). Right now you think of juicy chicken pieces, soaked in soy sauce, right? πŸ™‚ Eggs are an animal product and have something in common with chicken meat. That is why they taste amazingly good, covered with soy sauce.

And why is the big green salad leaf? To make the salad pop out. If you serve the salad on a white plate without the green salad leaf, it will look kind of pale and will just loose itself somewhere in all that whiteness…That is why you need a basic, something like a background. Of course, just because the green salad plays the role of decoration doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat it. πŸ™‚ Decorate the plate and eat the decoration! You can do it at home, that is your own salad, after all…

The sesame seeds are also an important part of the game. They match perfectly with the cucumber and contrast to the soy sauce. Always focus on contrast in colors, if you want your salad to not just taste great, but also to look pretty.

If you want to make this cucumber egg salad a little bit more filling and richer, then add some peas or also chickpeas. Summer squash would also fit the structure nicely.

And here is the recipe for the salad. Take a look to remember or just print it. I think it is quite easy to remember the products, isn’t it? I would be happy to read your opinion in the comments below. Thank you!


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Cucumber green salad with red onion

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cucumber green salad red onion recipe

After the easy and tasty cucumber garlic salad with dill here is another suggestion for very simple and at the same time interesting salad. You need three main ingredients for this one: cucumber, green salad leaves and some red onion. Usually we associate green salad and cucumber with that very famous spring salad: green salad, cucumber, egg and green onion. But this is not the case here.

The interesting ingredient is definitely the red onion. Most of us have never tried this at the first time weird combination. The salad is light, without any doubt. You could make it a little bit more filling by adding some grilled chicken pieces or why not some tuna fish? Egg is of course the traditional protein partner of green salad, but use meat, if you want to make it original.

Use some corn, if you want to give this salad some extra sweet flavor. (The red onion has already given some sweetness.) Or if you don’t want to focus on sweetness and want to make the salad with a balanced structure and taste, then you could chop some black olives and toss everything well.

This cucumber green salad isn’t actually suitable for main salad or main dish. It is just to light. You will leave the table hungry as hell! The salad could be a very good garnish. Put a big, juicy steak on a white plate, place a handful of this green salad, sparkle some black and red pepper and squeeze some lemon juice (or lime juice!). I guarantee, this will be the perfect meal for lunch!

Keep in mind, that you have to make the salad minutes or maximum half an hour before serving in order to serve it as fresh as possible. If you chop the green salad and leave it for more than an hour, your salad will not just loose its fresh and pretty look, but will also loose its taste. Or if you chop it earlier, just don’t touch it! πŸ™‚ I mean, don’t toss the products, don’t season the salad. Do that just before serving.

Take a look a the recipe now. You could experiment with the product’s amount. Just do it as you like it.


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Cucumber garlic salad with dill

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cucumber salad with garlic and dill

Sometimes simple things are the best. When it comes to salads, this rule could also be applied. What do I mean with that?

Let’s say it is summer. You are always on the run, go out early in the morning and come home after 21 o’clock. There are just so many things to do, right? So, you come home, you need to make a salad. What would you choose in this situation? An easy, fast, simple and fresh salad or a heavy, complicated, super unique and special salad? Of course you would just grab any veggies from the fridge, chop them, season them and enjoy them!

The cucumber garlic salad with dill, which I am presenting to you now, is suitable exactly for those occasions, when you are in a rush or you are just feeling tired, lazy, sleepy, chilling etc. πŸ™‚ For the times, when you just don’t want to cook! No boiling eggs, no cooking pasta, no grilling chicken.

That is why I like this cucumber salad. Maybe it is not something I would serve to my guests on a big, celebrating table. For that kind of occasion I would perhaps choose something more like this. But as I said, each salad matches different time, period and mood.

If you are looking for such an easy and light salad, then you got it. Fresh and tasty cucumber garlic salad with dill! So good for you. I would just have said that the special ingredient in this salad is the garlic, but then I thought dill is special as well. πŸ™‚ So I can’t decide. The combination of these three ingredients is just beautiful and healthy. But with one important note! They should be fresh and seasonal! Do this salad in the summer, when you know cucumbers really grow from the ground. I should admit, I made it in the winter, because I was missing summer salads so much, that I decided to make myself a summer salad in the winter. But seriously, I don’t recommend it. Do it once, twice, but don’t eat mainly crap, try to focus on seasonal foods.

Enough with the introduction. (That was a long one!). Take a look at the cucumber garlic salad recipe and try it, if you want to save time and energy. πŸ™‚


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Cucumber salad with bean and parsley

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cucumber bean salad with parsley recipe

Bean is a great source of protein. Some people think it is healthier than meat and if you want to get your protein, you should focus on bean, lentil, chickpeas and eggs. I don’t know about that. In my opinion everything best is somewhere in the middle. Meat could also be healthy for you, depending on what kind of meat is that and how it is cooked. If you eat once or twice a week meat, twice a week – fish and the other days other sources of protein, then I think you got the best diet. Don’t try to avoid any food in order to stay thin and healthy. It all depends on the food amount you take. For example, if you eatΒ every day bean salad, you won’t feel very well, because your body needs a variety of foods and just one type of food. So, keep it simple, keep it in the middle.

That was an introduction to the really cool salad, which I made and I want to show you. Yes, it is all about bean…and cucumbers…and my very favorite parsley! Let me tell you something: these three ingredients go so damn well together, they are just the perfect team. πŸ™‚ Fresh, but also heavy salad that you could use as lunch. And if you add some white cheese to it, you will be in heaven! (I just didn’t have any cheese by the time I made the salad. If I had, I would definitely use it!)

I know it will maybe sound strange, but I think this cucumber salad with bean would go super nice with boiled eggs. Weird combination for sure, but I just love mixing different foods, which are rich in protein. Try it out, if you are curious to see what the end result would be…

Here is the recipe for cucumber salad with bean and parsley. It couldn’t be easier than that. You could chop a tomato instead of cucumber, depending on your personal taste and depending on what you have in the fridge. πŸ™‚

Don’t forget to experiment and finally don’t forget to enjoy!


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Chinese chicken salad from Simply Recipes

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chinese chicken salad from simply recipes

Simple things are loved by so many people. That is why I want to share with you a really simple salad recipe. I think everybody can do it, even if he has zero experience in the kitchen.

Elise from Simply Recipes has made this salad. It is called Chinese chicken salad and as you can see it is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. πŸ™‚ The salad is beautiful and really tasty. If you don’t want to prepare a dressing (for me the easiest salads are without dressings), just skip it. Do the salad and season it with whatever you have: vinegar, salt, oil. Of course it would be great to do the exact recipe that Elise gives you, but there is no rule that says: “You have to copy paste! Otherwise you are not allowed to do this recipe!” πŸ™‚ Actually the more you experiment and do the recipe in your own way, the better result you will achieve. I say this from my personal experience.

Why I chose to show you this salad? What is so special about it? The interesting thing in this chicken salad is that it looks very complicated , with different textures, layers. But actually it takes no more than 15 minutes to prepare it and all you have to do is mix the ingredients.

Another thing, which I like about this Chinese chicken salad, is that you can improvise a lot with it. Below I will give you some of my ideas about different flavors that will match the salad.

Take a look at the recipe summary Β or go to the original recipe from Simply Recipes and see the detailed information. Don’t forget to have fun!

Note: the photo is property of Simply Recipes.


Suggestions for adding some new flavors to the Chinese chicken salad:

  • Instead of using sesame oil you could sparkle some sesame seeds on top.
  • You could add some Chinese mushrooms. They will match perfectly the chicken and soy sauce dressing.
  • You could make the dressing with lemon juice instead of rice vinegar.
  • You could top with some vermicelli.

Write down your ideas about this Chinese chicken salad recipe from Simply Recipes. I will be happyΒ to get more suggestions!

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Thai chicken salad from Chelsea Winter

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delicious thai chicken salad

I really like websites and blogs that are transparent – you know exactly who stands behind the curtains. Here is an example for such a blog: Chelsea Winter. The website’s name is actually the name of the owner and author. This girl has some amazing recipes to share with us. The recipe that I decided to show you isn’t super simple, but it is worth! Take a look a this juicy Thai chicken salad…So many things are in. Lots of textures, explosion of flavors. I like to call salad like this “multi-layer” salads. You have one layer at the bottom – in our case the noodles. Then you have a second layer, which is actually the salad. And finally you have a third layer. That is the chicken with the nuts. The interesting thing is that you prepare the layers separately, you season them separately. You don’t just mix all the ingredients, toss them well, add the dressing and that’s it. No no. Here you need to be patient. This Thai chicken salad is a salad, which has to be cooked. πŸ™‚ But don’t get afraid and discouraged. Chelsea gives the full recipe with all little details and steps of the process. You just have to copy and paste. Not that hard, right?

If you like to eat chicken, if you like noodles and if you like rich, but healthy and not too heavy foods, you are going to like also this salad. I give you a quick summary below. Don’t forget to read my suggestions and ideas about this Thai chicken salad.

Have fun!

Note: The photo is property of Chelsea Winter.


Ideas for making the salad just a little bit different:

  • You could add honey instead of brown sugar.
  • You could add some pineapple. I think it would taste great with the grilled chicken and corn.
  • You could grill some mushrooms with the chicken.

More ideas? Just share them on the comment below. Thank you! πŸ™‚

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