Caribbean chicken mango salad from Well Plated

chicken mango salad

Not everybody loves the combination of meat and fruit. But since you came to this page I am sure you are not one of those people.

There are actually many amazing meat-fruit mixes that make an explosion of taste and vitamins. Apples, oranges, strawberries, all kinds of berries actually, pears, plums, grapes, mango, avocado, cherries: all these fruit is suitable for combining with meat. Maybe banana is the only fruit, which would not fit perfectly to a meat recipe. (Although I am sure that there are such kinds of experiments!) Fruit gives the meat a sweet, light flavor. It makes the meat taste fresher.

The salad that I want to show you now is a very good meat-fruit combination. It is made by Erin from the food blog Well Plated and it is a masterpiece: very rich, juicy salad. It is perfect for a big family meeting in the garden, on the terrace (or just in the kitchen! Not everybody has a big garden, right? :)) It is something like a celebration salad, a salad for special occasions, because it is special in its nature.

There is a specific method of preparing the different parts of the salad, so I would definitely recommend you to take a look at the original instructions, if you really want to make it perfectly.


I have come to couple of ideas about different ingredients that I think would fit very well to this beautiful Caribbean chicken mango salad:

  • You could add some mint to make the salad even fresher
  • You could add lentil or chickpeas instead of bean
  • You could add shredded apples instead of orange

Right a comment if you have tried this cool salad from Well Plated. I am interested if you have any other suggestions. Don’t forget to have fun and to enjoy!

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