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Caribbean chicken mango salad from Well Plated

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chicken mango salad

Not everybody loves the combination of meat and fruit. But since you came to this page I am sure you are not one of those people.

There are actually many amazing meat-fruit mixes that make an explosion of taste and vitamins. Apples, oranges, strawberries, all kinds of berries actually, pears, plums, grapes, mango, avocado, cherries: all these fruit is suitable for combining with meat. Maybe banana is the only fruit, which would not fit perfectly to a meat recipe. (Although I am sure that there are such kinds of experiments!) Fruit gives the meat a sweet, light flavor. It makes the meat taste fresher.

The salad that I want to show you now is a very good meat-fruit combination. It is made by Erin from the food blog Well Plated and it is a masterpiece: very rich, juicy salad. It is perfect for a big family meeting in the garden, on the terrace (or just in the kitchen! Not everybody has a big garden, right? :)) It is something like a celebration salad, a salad for special occasions, because it is special in its nature.

There is a specific method of preparing the different parts of the salad, so I would definitely recommend you to take a look at the original instructions, if you really want to make it perfectly.


I have come to couple of ideas about different ingredients that I think would fit very well to this beautiful Caribbean chicken mango salad:

  • You could add some mint to make the salad even fresher
  • You could add lentil or chickpeas instead of bean
  • You could add shredded apples instead of orange

Right a comment if you have tried this cool salad from Well Plated. I am interested if you have any other suggestions. Don’t forget to have fun and to enjoy!

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Easy potato salad from Deliciously Ella

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While most of the men adore meat and always want meat on the table, ladies are big fans of potatoes. The funny thing about that is that potatoes are one of the biggest enemies of women’s waste line. We love potatoes, but we want to be thin and beautiful, right? Is it hard to combine these two things? Actually no. The answer is: eat potato salads, not just potatoes.

If you enjoy your potatoes in a salad, tossed with fresh vegetables, your eating plan will be much more balanced and you will be a happy, thin person :).

Now let’s get back to the point. Potato salads aren’t always a super creative and outstanding masterpiece. Most of the time we mix the potatoes with some sauce, add some ham, pea and maybe some onion. The recipe, which I am showing now is actually something similar to this, BUT with some big differences: first of all it has mint and secondly it includes avocado. These ingredients make the super easy potato salad absolutely unique and special.

Who made this salad actually? If you haven’t heard the name Deliciously Ella, now is the time to do it! Amazing recipes in combination with wonderful photos…Visit the origin recipe, if you want to take a closer look to the little details of the preparation of the potato salad.

Note: these two photos are property of Deliciously Ella.


I personally prefer to enjoy this salad as a main dish. I just think it is really filling and if I combine it with meat, fish or something similar, I feel lazy after that. But if you are person with a bigger stomach, serve this easy potato salad with a grilled steak and you will fall in love with this meal!

Maybe you are asking yourself: “Could I play with the ingredients? Could I experiment?” Of course, but I would recommend that you leave the avocado and the mint right there…Don’t touch them! They bring the charm of this salad. I maybe would add more greens to make it even fresher: spinach, parsley, dill, whatever green stuff I have in the fridge. Also I would add more black pepper, because it will go great with the avocado and the mint.

These are just suggestions. It depends on the personal taste of the person. Write a comment, if you tried this salad or if you did an experiment with it and you think it is brilliant! 🙂

Finally: Well done, Deliciously Ella! Super fresh salad, perfect for the summer and for the winter!

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Cucumber quinoa salad from Food Heaven Made Easy

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quinoa and cucumber salad

What happens when you love cucumber and quinoa? You turn them into a nice, fresh salad! That is what the girls from Food Heaven Made Easy did. This amazing and simple recipe (the photos as well) comes from them. The cucumber quinoa salad they show is a great way to boost your energy: super healthy, light, but at the same time filling, because of the quinoa. The onion gives an extra flavor and the avocado…The avocado makes it even more yummy. Take a look at the main ingredients of this original salad. Here you can see the whole recipe with more detailed information.

I wish you to prepare the best cucumber quinoa salad, even better than Food Heaven Made Easy!


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Summer Farro Salad from Naturally Ella

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You definitely have to try out this salad. The recipe and the pictures come from Naturally Ella, which is one of my favorite food blogs ever! Here is a very healthy salad with tomatoes and farro…What is farro? I also didn’t have any idea…Actually it is a term for three kinds of wheat.

If you are interested in learning more about this salad, visit the source page of Naturally Ella. Check out their recipe and try to do it at home. This is a great opportunity for you to experiment with interesting ingredients.


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White bean kale salad from Minimalist Baker

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This recipe and photos come from Minimalist Baker. The salad looks simple amazing! It is very impressing how creative all the ingredients are mixed. I think this salad will surprise (in the good way) all kinds of guests, with all kinds of taste. The best thing about the  salad is that it is filling, so you could eat it instead of lunch or dinner. It does have bread, but I still think it is a diet thing. Compare to eat this salad to a burger, for example: which one would be healthier and will save your waste line? I think I know the answer…

If you want to see their whole blog post about this salad, check out this page. Here I just show you their recipe, but on their page you will see more amazing photos and creative ideas.

Enjoy this beautiful white bean kale salad with tahini dressing!


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Cucumber tomato salad: very fresh and tasty!

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cucumber tomato salad recipe

Usually, when it comes to salads, I would advise you to shop only seasonal vegetables. In winter and spring I would’t eat tomatoes and cucumbers. They are just not a “healthy food” at that time. The best cucumber tomato salad comes from you grandmother’s garden in the middle of the summer. You go, you pick up the veggies, you wash them very well, chop them and…congratulations! You have the BEST salad ever. It can’t get better that this.

But…sometimes I do make salads from vegetables outside the season. I admit it. I just feel sick of the cabbage, carrots, turnip and beet in winter and I allow myself to have a timeout with some cucumbers, for example. 😉

The point is: if you want to enjoy a cucumber tomato salad in winter, just do it! It is not a problem, if it is in reasonable amounts.

Here I show a very simple recipe, which requires no more than 10 minutes. The ingredients are also as simple as possible: cucumber, tomato, red onion, lemon juice, salt, herbs and oil. The recipe is closed to our typical Bulgarian Shopska salad, but without the cheese.

What you could add to make this salad even prettier is parsley. Another well matching ingredient is chickpea (or why not pea, bean…) If you add some ham, you will make the salad more filling, depending on what you want – a main meal or a garnish.

Serve this cucumber tomato salad with meat or fish and you can’t make a mistake! Tomatoes, mixed with fresh cucumbers are just the perfect garnish for any kinds of meat, or also potatoes. It is a classic, evergreen combination, the best of all!

Take a look at this super easy recipe for cucumber tomato salad and feel free to write any suggestions or opinions in the comments below!


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Very cute couscous salad with orange

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couscous salad with green salad and orange

I just have to tell you – this salad was an experiment. But I am so proud of it! These 3 ingredients: couscous, orange and green salad match surprisingly well with each other.  I had this salad for lunch and it kept me full until about 17 o’ clock. So it is filling…and healthy at the same time!

Maybe I fell in love with the salad, because I am a great fan of couscous, and secondly: great fan of fruit in salads. I definitely recommend it.

pasta salad with orange and green salad


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Macaroni and green salad with carrots

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pasta green salad with garlic and carrots

Many people think that pasta isn’t a diet thing. I am here to tell you: Yes! It could be a diet thing. Everything depends on the amount. Of course if you have a big portion of pasta with sausage for dinner, you will put on weight. But if you prepare your pasta meals with lots of vegetables, trust me – you will be a healthy, skinny and happy person. 🙂

Try out this beautiful combination. You mix macaroni with green salad, garlic and carrot. That is all you need. I just had this salad and I am feeling amazing. It is filling, but in the perfect way.

macaroni salad with green salad


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Potato salad with mustard yogurt sauce

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potato salad with yogurt mustard sauce and corn

Here is a really cool salad. It is suitable for people who love strong, pungent taste. The main “hero” is definitely the mustard. It matches the potato flavor and makes the salad juicy.

In combination with the chopped carrots and corn, the mustard yogurt (and dill!) sauce is the perfect partner of this cute, boiled potato. 🙂 Try it out and send me your version of the salad!

potato salad with corn and mustard yogurt sauce


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Pretty potato salad with bell pepper

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potato salad with red pepper cheese and dill

The only thing that I don’t like about potato salads is their lack of color. Most of the potato salads just look kind of pale. That is why I always try to add some fresh color in my potato salad recipes – I want the salad to shine, when I put it on the table! I want it to look fresh, colorful and of course pretty…

So today I decided to cut a bell pepper and mix it with the potatoes. The result? So much better. Actually I would advice you always to include fresh vegetables (or fruit) in the salad. It doesn’t matter if it is a potato, pasta or chicken salad. Fresh vegetables bring light and make the salad lower on calories.

potato cheese salad with bell pepper


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Potato-squash salad with carrots

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potato and squash salad with carrots

This salad is actually a combination of two. I showed you a very cool recipe for potato and squash salad. Here is the same salad, but this time mixed with lots of fresh carrots and parsley. I decided to add some more vegetables to the first version, because I wanted to make the salad a little bit bigger. 🙂 I was really hungry! So, I mix the two cool things and I got an amazing, delicious, light and at the same time filling salad with potatoes, squash, carrots, olives, parsley and sill.

Take a look and experiment!

potato and squash salad with carrots


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Beautiful potato salad with garlic

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potato salad with garlic and dill

The most important ingredient of this potato salad is the garlic. That is what brings a strong flavor. The recipe, which I am going to show you now, is perfect for combining it with fish. The lemon juice, the garlic and the greens taste perfectly together. Should I say that this potato salad with garlic looks very classy and beautiful? 🙂

What I did’t include is black pepper. I think it will be also suitable. You could use is to add even more flavor or just for decoration.

potato salad with garlic, dill and parsley


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Simple orange salad with banana

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It is not important to prepare a super unique and complicated salad. It is important that you do it fast and enjoy its taste. If the salad is also healthy, then you got it: time for yourself, cool taste and good energy. What else would you need?

I know it is strange to call this a salad: it is after all just a banana and an orange…But I must say: it is a very good fruit combination and is perfect for a healthy start of the day. It boosts your energy. The banana will fill you up and the orange will quench your thirst. Go ahead and try this orange “salad” with banana! 🙂

orange salad with banana


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Potato salad with egg and cheese

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potato egg salad with cheese and parsley

Are you hungry? Eat this salad! It will definitely fill you up but in the nice way. I mean, you won’t feel sleepy after that (like for example if you eat a burger). Main ingredients are potatoes, egg and cheese. The salad is very suitable for active people who do sport or just burn calories fast.

If you want to experiment a little bit, try to bake the cheese for about 10 to 15 minutes on 200 degrees. It will give an extra flavor.

potato salad with egg and cheese


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Burmese chicken salad from Food52

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Burmese chicken salad recipe

When I saw this salad recipe on Food52 I had no idea what  Burmese food means. I searched for it and understood these things, please correct me, if I am wrong:

  1. Most of the times it goes with some fish sauce
  2. There must be something fried in it
  3. There has to be chili in it.
  4. It is always crispy, crunchy and saucy at the same time.

The Burmese salads are (from my point of view) something really interesting- between salad and warm dish. So I think they could replace lunch and dinner perfectly. Especially when there is meat in the salad, you got it! No need to cook for tonight! 🙂

Now something about the website Food52. The cool thing about it is that many authors share their recipes there. This particular Burmese chicken salad I took from the author Giao Chau.

The salad recipe is really easy, anyone can copy it. If you don’t like cooked shallots, like me, you could replace them with something else. Below the recipe summary I will share my ideas with you.

You can read the full recipe on the Food52 website. This photo is also their property.


As I said earlier, not everybody is a fan of fried shallots. I just don’t like the smell, although I know lots of people adore it. I would replace this ingredient with:

  • fried summer squash
  • fried carrots, very thinly sliced
  • fried vermicelli

Have you tried this salad? Do you know more about Burmese salads? Share it in the comments below! Thank you! 🙂

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Simple pear and banana salad

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pear banana salad cinnamon honey

This salad is very suitable for breakfast. It is light but at the same time fulling…Sounds strange, right? The banana pieces and the honey will give you energy until noon and the pear and cinnamon make it more tasty and just give you a nice, fresh feeling. It is a really cute combination of flavors and the best part is: it takes about 10 minutes to prepare.

pear banana salad cinnamon


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Delicious potato salad with creme

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potato salad with creme

I simply love all types of cremes, sauces, dressings etc. Everything that gives the salad “fullness” and make it a little bit richer in calories. So I guess this potato salad with creme is the big star of today. You could use yogurt instead of creme. For me it is almost the same, the creme just contains more fat than the yogurt. That is why I choose the creme! 🙂

You will be surprised how tasty creme and yogurt could be when you season them with salt and oil. Take a look at this super easy recipe for potato salad with creme and try it in your own way. My tip for you: never copy-paste a recipe! Always mix it with your cool, amazing ideas!

potato salad with creme


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Cute potato salad with carrots

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potato salad with lemon

Here is a beautiful idea for garnish. It is a very easy potato salad, decorated with grated carrot, lemon slices and olives. The black pepper is also important for this recipe because it gives the salad a special flavor that matches perfectly the taste of lemon juice. I recommend that you put the salad on a big white plate and sparkle some black pepper around it. It looks so pretty!

Now take a look at the recipe, it is really simple. If you prefer olive oil you could use it instead of sunflower oil. I personally love sunflower oil.

potato salad with lemon and carrot


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Vietnamese chicken salad from Once Upon A Chef

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If you want to prepare something interesting and simple for tonight, try out this Vietnamese chicken salad. Two main things I find really cool about it: the fish Vietnamese sauce that tastes great with the chicken and secondly: the chicken that is shredded. When it is chopped into so small pieces  you can really feel the chicken everywhere, in each tiny bite. The little pieces soak in the dressing and it all turns into something heavenly.

I saw this salad on Once Upon A Chef, from Jenn Segal. This lady is very inspiring for me, because she gives ideas, which seem strange at the first moment, but then you realize they are so creative. Like the idea of combining chicken with fish Vietnamese sauce…I would never had come to this crazy idea!

I definitely recommend you visit the original recipe page. Jenn pays attention to all details and to each single step of the process. That is another thing I admire on her website. She doesn’t just give a recipe with a beautiful photo of the end-result. She shows the whole process with pictures. That way you can really see how she has done the salad. You even don’t have to read the instructions from the recipe, you understand it all from the photos!

After I make a summary of this amazing, delicious Vietnamese shredded chicken salad I will give you my personal ideas and suggestions.

Note: the photos are property of Ones Upon A Chef.


I have come to couple of fresh ideas about this salad. So, here there are:

  • You could add a shredded summer squash. But it is important to get all the water out before mixing it with the other ingredients. Just leave the shredded squash for half an hour an then squeeze it nicely.
  • You could add some vermicelli. I think they match very good with the Vietnamese fish sauce.
  • If you want, you could skip the Vietnamese part and instead of using all these exotic sauces you could just mix the ingredients with some mayonnaise! 🙂

Share your ideas! Have you tried this salad? What do you think about it?

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Cabbage salad with turnip

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This salad is definitely not a main meal, it is just a garnish. Very light, low on calories and perfect for the winter. It is really important to prepare your salads with seasonal vegetables in order to eat healthy. In winter the best products for a salad are cabbage, carrots, turnip and beet. So today I am going to show you a cute combination that not just looks pretty, but also taste great!

cabbage salad with carrots and turnip


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Pretty potato salad with egg

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I made this salad because I wanted to try the taste of potatoes in combination with avocado and eggs. What is very special about this salad is its look. It is simply so beautiful. A great idea if you want to surprise your guests with something interesting.

Now let’s get to the recipe. Do you need to cook? Yes. You need to boil the potatoes and the egg. Here is a little tip to save time: boil the eggs and the potatoes together! It will take half of the time to prepare this salad.

potato salad with egg and avocado


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Easy potato salad with gherkins

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Potato salads are great if you are looking for something easy and super delicious. Of course, you have to be careful with the amount, because we all know potatoes aren’t “best waist line friends”. You can combine this salad with a steak or with fish, or you can eat it just like that, instead of lunch, like I did. It will take you less than 20 minutes to cook and it will cost you no more than a burger. Should I say, that a potato salad is much healthier than a burger?

potato salad with gherkins

Before I give you the recipe I want to mention, that I did the salad with boiled potatoes but you could do it with baked. It depends on your taste preferences. Another suggestion: instead of getting big potatoes and chop them into pieces you could find those little ones which don’t need to be chopped. They look really cute and much more attractive for little kids.

Don’t forget to send me your version of this cool potato salad with gherkins. I will gladly post it on my blog!






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