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Cucumber yogurt salad with sesame seeds

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cucumber yogurt sesame seeds salad

What is typical about my salads is, they are all very simple. Most of them take less than 15 minutes to prepare and contain no more than 3 to 4 main ingredients. It is not that I don’t like complicated salads. I do admire all those people who post super interesting salad recipes. I also make some special salads from time to time, but mainly when there is an occasion for that. On a daily base, when I am rushing for somewhere or something, I just prefer to make myself something quickly, simple and delicious. Even when I really like a salad that I saw from a food blogger, I make it a little less complicated and do it in my own way.

Enough with the introduction part. 🙂 Here is what I am talking about, when I say “simple salads”. Just take a look at this pretty little plate. What is in there? That what you see: cucumber, yogurt, sesame seeds. Is it easy? I think a 4 years old child can make it. Is it healthy?  If you eat only this, it is not healthy, because it is very low on calories. (You say you are on a diet? Ok, then this salad is really good for you! :)). Is this little, quite cucumber yogurt salad tasty as well? I would just say: Try it out! It has a creamy, yummy, fresh taste. Amazing.

Do you know what will happen when you add some water to chopped cucumber and yogurt? You get the very famous Bulgarian Tarator! Tarator is one of the most loved “soup-salad” dishes here in Bulgaria. You have no idea how honestly I recommend you try this. If you add some smashed garlic and sparkle it with chopped walnuts and dill, then you got it! Your Tarator is ready! 🙂

Take a look an the cucumber yogurt salad now. You could experiment with the ingredients amount. I mean, some people prefer more cucumbers in the yogurt, others want the yogurt flavor to be leading. Some like it more oily, others are on diet. 🙂 Just do it your own way and…what you always hear from me? Don’t forget to enjoy!


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Paleo Asian chicken salad from Paleo Grubs

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recipe paleo asian chicken salad

Just because you have an Asian chicken salad doesn’t mean you have to eat mayo. 🙂 Yes, most of the times it does contains some filling sauce, rich in calories, but you are the one who creates the salad, right? So you could make as lighter version as you want.

Here is an example for delicious paleo Asian chicken salad, which is low on calories, rich in protein and most importantly: rich in flavors! I saw the recipe from the website Paleo Grubs. The author Rebecca Bowl proves how easy it is to prepare light Asian salads. One important note she makes is that this salad goes typically with red cabbage, but she has chosen red onion for her chicken salad. I suggest you should do it as you like it. I don’t mind red cabbage, maybe I will put both, when I try this paleo masterpiece. 🙂

This Asian chicken salad has something really special. That is the vinaigrette. Can you imagine what would it be if you mix orange juice with apple cider vinegar, honey, coconut aminos, ginger, sesame oil, garlic? Something crazy, right? Exactly. This vinaigrette is simply crazy, in a beautiful way.

Another thing that made me love this Asian chicken salad is the combination of chicken, green vegetables and nuts. Nuts are important, if you are aiming to prepare a super cool paleo salad. What else? Don’t skip the part with the sesame seeds. It takes less than 10 seconds to sparkle some on top of the salad, but they give an upgrade.

If you are interested in reading the full version of the recipe, go on Paleo Grubs page. Take a look at the summary I made, if you just want to see the basics.

Note: The photos are property of Paleo Grubs.


There are many ingredients that would match with this beautiful paleo Asian chicken salad. Here are my ideas:

  • You could add some raisins. They will give an extra sweet flavor.
  • You could add some mushrooms.
  • You could use any kind of green veggie, you want.
  • You could add some shredded apple.

Tell me what you think about this salad. I would be happy to read your comments!

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Very cute potato and squash salad

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squash and potato salad with dill

Potato salads CAN be light and low on calories. Here is a suggestion for such one. I experimented with a squash and the result is more than satisfying. The potato-squash salad recipe is for 1 serving. That is why I wrote you need only half of the potato, half of the squash etc. With one potato and one squash you could prepare 2 beautiful, fresh salads.

The salad is perfect if you are on a diet or if you expect guests and you want to surprise them with an interesting salad.

potato salad with squash and dill


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